Retail and entertainment
Places where people not only shop,
but where they enjoy being

When working on Retail & Entertainment investments, we place great emphasis on a truly holistic approach, based on a deep understanding of the situation, as well as a complex strategic appraisal of the entire project and all of its key elements. That is why we stay close to the project during each stage from its inception, through the architectural concepts, construction, leasing and finally sale. For over 20 years this strategic approach has enabled us to complete to the highest architectural and functional standards, a multitude of projects across Poland, and we pride ourselves on achieving full occupancy of our projects before an opening. These attributes not only make us a leader, but also one the most respected, reliable and awarded companies in the market.

Our creative process

From a point on a map through to the grand opening

reating each project as a whole, requires the utmost care and attention over the complete investment process: from the purchase of real-estate, to commissioning and eventual sale. Echo Investment's task is multi-faceted as we know best how to combine our own expertise built over a period of more than 20 years, together with that of quality experts, contractors and associated ateliers. Key to the whole task, is that every single stage of the process stays within our control, thanks to which we can retain and generate superior quality standards.

We do not construct buildings, on the contrary we create places that are difficult to define as being typical of shopping centres. Today, these are multi-functional complexes, with streets, arcades, squares and open spaces that generate a positive life balance aside from free-time and work. These places are important to local communities, who look upon such centres as no longer just a shopping opportunity but much, much more. Our developments are uncompromising in terms of architectural style, quality of construction and completion. We reach for city changing projects that release their potential.

Marcin Materny
Shopping Centre Department Director and Management Board Member at Echo Investment

Project stages
Location Selection
Location Selection
Analysis & expert consulting
& expert consulting
Architectural concept & design
concept & design
Administrative processes
Construction & BREEAM certification
& BREEAM certification
Leasing & Marketing
& Marketing
Grand Opening
Grand Opening
Strategic projects
Years of experience in three key real-estate sectors gives us the edge when implementing large, multi-functional, city-forming developments. We look for bold projects, consult them with top-class experts, take into account the latest world urbanism trends and thanks to local experience and knowledge we are able to optimize them to suit prevailing conditions. This is our “3rd Choice” strategy – where apart from home and work, one likes spending time. As a result, places arise that are in-tune with the specific needs of communities and towns.
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Completed Projects
From the very outset, Echo Investment developments which have always been exceptionally original with innovative solutions, have been building the Polish developer's market, and also setting the benchmarks for it. Fascinating architecture, a responsible approach to the selection of materials and technological processes used, combined with an appreciation of the surroundings have left a positive impression with stakeholders, thus increasing their value and making them an integral part of Polish towns & cities.
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