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The place where historical and modern architecture, private and public spaces, greenery and buildings coexist harmoniously has been designed with great care. It is a convenient place for living, working and spending time.

Moje Miejsce is a new and friendly part of the city. Here you will find everything you need to live and work comfortably. Greenery, squares and patios as well as a lot of service and retail outlets – all this space makes everyday spent here a pleasure.

West 4 Business Hub is a four stage project that offers flexibility for your company to expand and grow. With downtown a few steps away and great public transport, everything is at your fingertrips. Well-designed space supports the achievement of mastery in your field. 

Wygodne i łatwe w aranżacji apartamenty, stanowiące idealną bazę do tworzenia projektów, które w pełni odzwierciedlą charakter właścicieli, różnorodne metraże mieszkań – od 25 do 92 m2, od kawalerek po 4-pokojowe lokale, nowoczesna zabudowa i starannie zaprojektowane części wspólne.

Face2Face Business Campus is an area dedicated to meetings, exchange of ideas and cooperation. It is a place that integrates and provides an opportunity to jointly face greater and greater challenges every day.

Live in a place designed with attention to every detail. Osiedle Jaśminowe is a complex of 14 small multi-family buildings with internal roads, playgrounds and rest areas.

Sagittarius Business House is a modern A class office building with 24,900 sqm of leasable area. The project is located at the junction of Borowska and Sucha streets in Wrocław.

220 of your favourite stores, comfortable offices, around 50 restaurants and cafés, a new cinema in Bielany, a trampoline park, a fitness club, a medical centre.

Widoki Mokotów is a luxury apartment building surrounded by its own garden, designed in a cascade system and carefully finished with natural materials. Located on the edge of the historic Morskie Oko Park, it offers all the charms of Mokotów.

We are launching the construction of a new residential project on Gdańska Street in Wrocław. The entire complex will consist of apartments and flats that will fill the new buildings and the historic Albert Grau's palace.

NOWA DZIELNICA is a residential estate for people looking for peace who also value life in the city centre. This is a place for demanding and aware of their needs residents. Each of you will find your space here and you can share it with others when you want to.

Business ergonomics is an idea that accompanies us during each stage of preparation and construction of office projects. The complexity of our activities means that we provide our clients with the highest quality at every stage.

Osiedle Re:set is an enclave of peace, like the green Shire in the centre of the famous Mordor – the largest business centre in the country. You will really feel at home here!

Libero is a new, exciting place on the retail map of Katowice – a fresh look at shopping, entertainment, recreation and sport. It is a friendly and comfortable space designed in a thoroughly modern way but with a classic aesthetic approach.

Osiedle Jarzębinowe is an ideal place for people who want to live in a quiet and modern environment. The Manufaktura shopping centre, Piotrkowska Street and Nowe Centrum Łodzi – an area which will become a centre of cultural and artistic events after its revitalization – are located nearby.

A complex of small multi-family buildings in Wrocław’s Krzyki district. Grota 111 is an asylum for residents. Cleverly designed road systems and rest areas for children and adults make everyone feel good.

In the vicinity of the waterfront and numerous bicycle paths, and at the same time in a city where many international companies locate their headquarters. 270 apartments for rent are developed at ul. Dmowskiego which will be ready for use in the third quarter of 2019.

Kępa Mieszczańska

Over 300 apartments within a 10-minute walk from the city centre, at the corner of ul. Zakładowa and ul. Słonimskiego, on the banks of the Oder River  Ready to move in in the second quarter of 2019.


Tymienieckiego project will comprise of 20 buildings with various functions, 14 of which are appropriately adapted historical buildings. Historical construction of the former combined heat and power plant will be the heart of the project. As part of the investment, urban squares, common spaces and green areas will be created, with the total area of almost 4 hectares.

Wiemy, jak ważna jest dla Ciebie wygoda, dlatego stworzyliśmy miejsce, które pokochasz! Miejsce, w którym będziesz się czuł dobrze każdego dnia! Miejsce, do którego z przyjemnością będziesz wracać. Miejsce, którym będziesz chciał się dzielić! Nasze Jeżyce to nowoczesny design, przemyślane układy mieszkań, dopracowana zieleń i strefy wypoczynku. To inwestycja z dala od zgiełku, blisko parku Sołackiego i ulicy Kościelnej.

ZEBRA is a bit like a horse but not quite. And this is what our new project is like. Its modern architecture with impressive black and white façades makes Zebra an exciting place to live in. You can sense peace here without giving up on the city centre.

Morning jogging down a green path to Pole Mokotowskie and back. Having breakfast in a cafe near your place and walking your children to school along Konstruktorska Street. Working in an office, that is just around the corner. The most needed stores and services at your fingertips. A trip to downtown? Nothing could be simpler: you can get there even in 15 minutes by streetcar, bus or bicycle. It's all in Warsaw's Służewiec district – formerly the industrial and office district of the capital, and soon – a modern, comfortable and multifunctional place to live.

Łódź is the third biggest city in Poland, which has been dynamically developing and attracting young professionals. At ul. Wodna, a few minutes’ walk from ul. Piotrkowska, 211 comfortable apartments for rent are built. Moving in will be reachable in the third quarter of 2019.


The new office project will offer over 43 thousand sqm of modern office space. The Brain Park complex consists of three ten-storey buildings with underground parking garage. Throughout the project there will be 485 parking spaces, charging stations for electric bikes and scooters, electric car charging stations, bicycle racks as well as changing rooms and showers for cyclists.

An unquestionable advantage of the project will be a yard, where places to rest, enjoy alfresco dining, play table tennis, play chess or enjoy a "street workout" zone have been planned.

Brain Park will become afor perfect place for work, get inspiration and develop business.

Brain Park

The place where historical and modern architecture, private and public spaces, greenery and buildings coexist harmoniously has been designed with great care. It is a convenient place for living, working and spending time.

The midpoint is your point of balance. It provides all amenities within reach. It’s designed to make the most of every day.  MidPoint Offices bring together what you need to make your tasks as seamless as possible and maintain work-life balance.


To nowy atrakcyjny kwartał miasta. Cztery budynki składające się na nowoczesne osiedle w doskonałej lokalizacji.

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