Everything we do affects us and our Planet. That's why, at Echo Investment Group, we're making changes so that we can live and work even better.

Since 2020, we have been preparing sustainability reports that summarise our progress in the environmental, social and corporate governance areas.

We have developed our ambitious 2030 ESG strategy for Echo-Archicom Group, which focuses on reducing our carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency of our buildings, minimising their impact on the environment and biodiversity, as well as strengthening our corporate culture.

ESG milestones in Echo Investment Group


We start ESG and non-financial information reporting.


We launch Echo Investment's first Sustainability Report (for 2020).


We launch Echo Investment's second Sustainability Report (for 2021), in which:

  • we counted our impact on the Polish economy.


We publish Echo Investment Group's third Sustainability Report (for 2022), in which:

  • we consolidated the figures of our entire Group,
  • we reported on taxonomic disclosures,
  • we counted the carbon footprint in scope 1 and 2.

We announce Echo-Archicom Group's ambitious ESG 2030 Strategy.


For planet

We co-create sustainable cities and spaces. We strive to ensure that our projects are built in areas that are already urbanised, with adequate infrastructure and urban comfort. We care that each project improves local biodiversity.

We have begun the process of reducing CO2 emissions in our offices and in projects we develop, with the aim of being carbon neutral in operation by 2030. We have been promoting renewable energy, using it both for our own needs and in buildings used by others.

We are supported in achieving our goals by a step-by-step roadmap leading the Group towards decarbonisation, zero-carbon buildings, further increasing the role of greenery in our projects and supporting sound urban development.


For planet

We counter urban sprawl



of areas of our projects under construction and in the pipeline are in mixed-use "destinations" projects

Towarowa 22 in Warsaw

the most attractive location in the heart of Warsaw's Wola district

Warsaw Brewery

awarded the title of best urban regeneration in the world - MAPIC Awards 2022

Anna's Gardens, Fuzja in Łódź

awarded with the distinction "Designed Humanly. A more shared city"

Our ambition by 2030


of our office and residential projects will be developed within city limits


of land purchased for projects will be previously urbanised areas


of projects under construction and in the pipeline will be "destinations" projects

We reduce CO2 emissions


4 874 320 kg CO2

total emissions in scope 1 and 2 Scope 1
Direct emissions from the combustion of fuels in stationary or mobile sources owned or supervised by the company.

Scope 2 (market base)
The Group's indirect emissions arising from the use of purchased electricity and heat, primarily for the Group's own offices, as well as those resulting from electricity and heating charges for unleased space in finished office buildings owned by the Group or which have already been sold but which the Group is liable to pay.

7 275,10 kg CO2

per employee and associate

9,84 kg CO2

per 1 sqm of our development projects under construction and in use

3 496 kg CO2

per 1 million revenue of Echo Investment Group

Our ambition by 2030

All new buildings of the Group will be zero-carbon during operation (office and residential)

We use green and renewable energy



of electricity consumed by Echo Investment Group in its own offices in Kielce, Wrocław and Warsaw came from renewable sources


of electricity used in CitySpace's CitySpace
One of the biggest providers of flexible offices in Poland, part of Echo Investment Group
flexible offices came from renewable sources

Our ambition by 2030


of energy supplied to our own offices, retail and office buildings, all CitySpace locations and our construction sites will come from RES

We protect urban greenery



planted high natural value trees


trees were planted in place of every tree felled


this is how many times the ecological value of planted trees was higher than that of felled trees

Our ambition by 2030

min. 2

new plantings will replace any tree removed - that the level we want to maintain


For people

We are a good, fair and stable employer. We value our employees' competences, want to use their potential, give them opportunities to grow, and provide them with space to fulfill themselves outside of work. We take responsibility for all the people who work in our offices as well as on our construction sites: for their safety, health and wellbeing.

We are supported in achieving our goals by a step-by-step roadmap guiding the Group to provide its employees with equal development opportunities, a gender pay balance and maximising safety on construction sites.

We also focus on the trus, health and comfort of our clients. For us, the starting point for building relationships with our clients is to concentrate on their needs, which ensures that places to live, work and relax that we design meet them in full.


For people

We opt for a stable workplace



employees are hired on the basis of employment contracts

  • 57% - women
  • 43% - men



  • 41% - women
  • 59% - men

14 days

average number of days of leave not taken per person

6 years

average job seniority
in our Group


of our employees and associates took part in a development interview programme, summarising their achievements and sharing a vision of their professional future within the organisation

Our ambition by 2030

up to 5% gender pay gap for similar positions and responsibilities

average number of unused leave days per person at the end of the year will fall to 10

We care about the safety



fatal accidents on our construction sites


health and safety training courses for 925 employees on construction sites


construction sites were awarded by the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) in the "Build Safely" competition for high health and safety standards and good practices applied in the building process


employees of our subcontractors were rewarded for their responsible attitude towards health and safety

Our ambition by 2030

zero fatal accidents on our construction sites

implementation of high standards of welfare facilities on construction sites

measurement and improvement of construction worker satisfaction

We create good places to live

Eko Echo Certification

our original standard for sustainable residential buildings, in which we certify selected projects

Echo Residential by Archicom

one of the biggest residential developers in Poland, taking care of the human dimension of architecture, its coexistence with nature and the context of the place. It builds places, not just apartments, for people with different needs and desires to live



Blue Bolt applications
(in entrance doors and lifts)


bicycle racks


charging stations for electric vehicles


Pakomatic machines


Paczkomat machines


Echo Share mobility point


apartments were equipped with a "smart home" system


used-clothing collection machine

We create good places to work

BREEAM Certification

all office projects are certified under the international BREEAM environmental system

Flexible, green and comfortable

CitySpace - one of the biggest providers of serviced offices in Poland - creates perfectly designed workspaces with a view to meeting the needs of employees and their safety, as well as respecting the environment


WELL Health and Safety

we have introduced a new certification that focuses on five main areas to improve the safety and work quality of our building users: disinfection and cleaning procedures, emergency preparedness plans, healthcare availability, high water and indoor air quality, as well as stakeholder engagement.


of CitySpace locations in top A-class BREEAM-certified office buildings


For stakeholders

Ethics, compliance with the law and maximum transparency are values that directly influence stakeholders' perception of the Group. By respecting our core values, we have earned an excellent brand name in the market.

We intend to further develop high standards of corporate governance and management in our daily work. We know that medium and long-term business success is only possible for us if we act daily in accordance with all employees' and business partners' ethics.

We are supported in our goals for our stakeholders by a step-by-step roadmap guiding the Group towards transparent, equal and highest standards of governance.


For stakeholders

Code of Conduct

the most important document in Echo Investment Group, which clearly defines our ethical standards and indicates precisely what values constitute the foundation of our activity, what conduct we require of ourselves, how we treat our partners and other stakeholders

We strive for equality and diversification in the Group's bodies


women's representation in the Management Board of Echo Investment amounted to 20%, in the Management Board of Archicom to 25%, in the Supervisory Boards the share of women was respectively: 12% and 16%

Our ambition by 2030

ratio of women to men on the Management and Supervisory Boards of both companies will be in the range of 45-55%

We promote our culture of ethics



of Echo Investment Group's employees and associates were familiar with our anti-corruption policies and procedures


of the Group's employees and associates were given ethics training and passed the exam


of business partners received anti-corruption training


of significant contracts signed with contractors included a statement to comply with our Code of Conduct

Our ambition by 2030

promotion of our ethical culture within the organisation through regular communication activities and ethics training

compliance with the WSE Best Practices - annual analysis of the possibility of limiting the number of exceptions

development of ESG awareness in the Management Boards and Supervisory Boards

We are committed to our sustainable supply chain



of contractors declared to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct, including compliance with human and labour rights issues


of significant contracts were signed with Polish or foreign companies with registered office or branch in Poland

Our ambition by 2030

Intensifying the promotion of our ethnic culture among our contractors by regularly reviewing their compliance with our Code of Conduct, including compliance with human and labour rights issues

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