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We operate on one of the most demanding job markets in Poland, which is why we manage the organization focusing on diversity and openness.

Our employees constantly share their skills and knowledge in order to achieve the best results, no matter what they do and where they do it. We build a culture of cooperation because it gives us strength and allows us to achieve successes. We develop an open, inviting work culture, respecting the contribution of all employees. We believe that everyone shares their unique way of looking at the world, their talents and experience, their own approach and passion at work with us.

Conducting complex projects throughout Poland requires a team with diverse experience, knowledge and skills. That is why we employ people from different backgrounds, regardless of their race, gender, age, social status, religion, sexual orientation, political views, disabilities or marital status. We predict changes in the society that also affect our employees. That is why we care about increasing the participation of women in positions affecting the direction of our organization’s development. Our employees include people of several nationalities, also in senior positions. We strive for greater diversity and openness of the organization but we make the final decisions about employing a given person based on their skills because our priority is to hire and retain the best. The rules for appointing the Company’s governing bodies are regulated by the Statute and the Code of Commercial Companies.

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