About us

Everything starts with you: how you live, how you like to work, how you take care of everyday matters and how you rest. With this assumption we create places that provide a sense of independence, convenience and security. We respect the urban space and we pay close attention to its history and tradition.

We are the largest Polish developer with extensive experience in the three main sectors of the real estate market: residential, retail and service as well as offices. As a company which is jointly responsible for the development of cities, we get involved in building large, city-forming projects that are in line with the city fibre and complement it. Our flagship project is Browary Warszawskie, situated in the heart of the fastest growing district of Warsaw. We run and prepare further city-forming projects in Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź and Wrocław. Each of them is a wisely and responsibly designed fragment of the city.

Since 1996 we have been quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2019, Lisala Sp. z o.o., owned by Hungarian Wing and Griffin Capital Partners is our main shareholder.


‘Destinations’ are places that attract people, invite them to spend time, encourage them to live there and inspire them to act. We draw experience from more than twenty years of co-creating Polish cities and observing the needs of their residents. As the only company on the market, we have experience in building apartments, offices, hotels and shopping and entertainment centres. We have decided to combine our competences in order to create large and multifunctional fragments of cities, which are completely integrated with the environment and open to all guests.

The place where historical and modern architecture, private and public spaces, greenery and buildings coexist harmoniously has been designed with great care. It is a convenient place for living, working and spending time.

Moje Miejsce is a new and friendly part of the city. Here you will find everything you need to live and work comfortably. Greenery, squares and patios as well as a lot of service and retail outlets – all this space makes everyday spent here a pleasure.

Tymienieckiego project will comprise of 20 buildings with various functions, 14 of which are appropriately adapted historical buildings. Historical construction of the former combined heat and power plant will be the heart of the project. As part of the investment, urban squares, common spaces and green areas will be created, with the total area of almost 4 hectares.

Morning jogging down a green path to Pole Mokotowskie and back. Having breakfast in a cafe near your place and walking your children to school along Konstruktorska Street. Working in an office, that is just around the corner. The most needed stores and services at your fingertips. A trip to downtown? Nothing could be simpler: you can get there even in 15 minutes by streetcar, bus or bicycle. It's all in Warsaw's Służewiec district – formerly the industrial and office district of the capital, and soon – a modern, comfortable and multifunctional place to live.

Management Board

All members of the Management Board are covered by the liability insurance at the Company's expense.

Supervisory Board

All members of the Supervisory Board are covered by the liability insurance at the Company's expense.

Code of Conduct

Echo Investment’s Code of Conduct is a collection of values which is the foundation of our business. These are guidelines for everyday work in the Company and at the same time the information about the basis we build our business relationships on – what behaviour we require from ourselves, how we treat our partners and other stakeholders.

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