Strategy and corporate governance

The strategy of profitable growth

Poland Poland

This is the strongest country and real estate market in Central and Eastern Europe. As a company which has been operating here for more than two decades, Echo Investment is perfectly familiar with its potential, realities and operating principles. The company builds in seven major cities: Warsaw, Tri-City, Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice, Kraków and Łódź.

Development activity Development activity

The company focuses on property development activities: purchase of plots, acquiring administrative permits, project preparation, funding, construction, leasing and sale of completed projects. Echo Investment’s main source of revenues and profits is the sale of apartments and the increase in the value of constructed commercial real estate.

Leading position Leading position

Echo Investment is the largest development company operating in Poland in terms of the number and area of ​​projects executed. The company is active in three main sectors of real estate: residential, office and retail. The strategy of profitable growth assumes that Echo Investment will be one of the top developers in each of these sectors separately. A large scale of operations will make it possible to use the resources optimally.

Strategic cooperation with proven partners Strategic cooperation with proven partners

Echo Investment values ​​long-lasting business relationships with proven partners, which create synergies for both parties. Cooperation facilitates the increase of the scale of operations, it accelerates the construction of projects and reduces risks. Echo Investment assumes cooperation with partners on joint projects requiring greater financial involvement, provision of services (development, planning, leasing, accounting, etc.), priority in the purchase of completed assets on market terms and others. All significant agreements between Echo Investment and its partners are discussed and approved by the Supervisory Board.

Destination projects Destination projects

Echo Investment's many years of experience in three real estate sectors provides it with a competitive advantage, based on its ability to build large, multifunctional and city-forming projects. Because of this the Company can buy larger areas, with a lower unit price and considerably lesser competition among buyers. Combining functions makes it possible to plan flexibly, complete projects faster and develop urban space comprehensively.

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