Analysts and recommendations

Selected recommendations

Stock market recommendations are tips prepared by analysts of brokerage houses or other financial institutions that support investors in making the right investment decisions on the capital market.

The recommendations apply to a listed company, where, in addition to the share valuation, there is also a recommendation regarding a given investment (positive, neutral or negative). Recommendations are most often presented in the form of reports or analyzes.

Echo Investment S.A. is not responsible for investment decisions made on the basis of the following statement.

Date of recommendation Institution Analyst Recommendation Target price Share price on the day of recommendation
13.09.2018 Wood & Co. Jakub Caithaml Buy 6,80 4,26
06.04.2018 mBank Dom Maklerski Piotr Zybała Buy 6,13 5,23
22.02.2018 Haitong Bank Cezary Bernatek Neutral 5,21 4,96
02.02.2018 mBank Dom Maklerski Piotr Zybała Buy 6,31 5,05
29.01.2018 PKO Securities Stanisław Ozga Hold 5,61 5,15
25.01.2018 DM DOŚ Bank Maciej Wiewiórski Hold 4,95 5,12
11.01.2018 Wood & Co. Jakub Caithaml Buy 6,80 4,90


Capital market institutions

     Stock Exchange  www.gpw.pl

     Financial Supervision Authority  www.knf.gov.pl

     National Depository for Securities  www.kdpw.pl

     Association of Stock Exchange Issuers  www.seg.org.pl

     Association of Individual Investors  www.sii.org.pl

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