Let's Meet. At a place that combines many features.

The largest multi-functional complex of its kind in the district. Designed in-line with the latest global trends. A destination where in a welcoming and lush environment, your favourite shops, entertainment, work, sport and recreation all meet up in one spot. The unique restaurant area concept together with “Hala Hutnik” which draws inspiration from the local area's heritage, is fitted out with industrially themed design elements. All of this essentially invoking a sense of street food culture and food halls.

On the way? More than you think.

One of the best connected locations in Warsaw. Right in the middle of some of the capital's most important thoroughfares, adjacent to Młociny underground station and also the transport hub. As a result, Galeria Młociny is the closest-to-hand for the residents of Bielany and the neighbouring areas.

The most important junction in this part of Warsaw.
Directly on the North Bridge Route and also the City-Centre ring-road.
State-of-the-art, welcoming and comfortable
Galeria Młociny is a remarkably well-planned space. Extremely spacious, pleasant and amidst lush greenery, it affords everything to makes one feel good.
75,000 sqm GLA
220 stores
& service points
Over 2 000
parking spaces
50 restaurants
& cafes
7,500 sqm
restaurant zone
6,000 sqm
office space
2,500 sqm
garden & terrace
Meet & Eats
The unique concept of the food zone, totally inspired by urban culture, European market halls and also incorporating entertainment. Conceived so that it becomes one of your favourite go-to spots in Warsaw.
Harking back to the infamous Bielany picnics, dances and merry-go-rounds,
it has zones with nearly 50 restaurants, pubs and cafés.
Regional leasing director

Tomasz Domoń

+48 664 900 211

Galeria Młociny

ul. Zgrupowania AK Kampinos 15

01-943 Warsaw

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