Shareholders & dividend

Shareholders’ structure


Lisala (controlled by Wing IHC Zrt)


Nationale-Nederlanden OFE


Aviva OFE Aviva Santander


Other Shareholders


Nicklas Lindberg, Chairman of the Board


Maciej Drozd, Vice President


Peter Kocsis, Supervisory Board Member

Dividend policy

On 26 April 2017 the Management Board of Echo Investment S.A. adopted a resolution on the adoption of the dividend policy. The company wants to provide its shareholders with a return on invested capital in the form of an increase in the value of shares as well as regular dividends. According to the dividend policy, from the profit for 2018 and subsequent years, the Management Board will recommend the payment of a dividend of up to 70 pct of the consolidated net profit of the Capital Group, assigned to shareholders of the controlling company.

When recommending the payment of dividends, the Management Board will take into account the current and predictable financial condition of the Company and the Group as well as its development strategy, in particular:

  • Safe and the most effective standard of debt and liquidity management in the Group;
  • Investment plans resulting from the development strategy – the purchase of land in particular.

Dividends, set and paid

Date of setting the right to dividend Payment date Total amount [PLN] Amount per one share [PLN] Description
12.12.2018 19.12.2018 206 345 291,00 0,50 Advanced dividend from 2018 profit
04.05.2018 11.05.2018 206 345 291,00 0,50 Dividend from profit for 2017
05.07.2017 21.07.2017 206 345 291,00 0,50 Special dividend related to the sale of a part of EPP's block of shares
22.12.2016 26.06.2017 66 030 493,12 0,16 Outstanding dividend advance from profit for 2016
22.12.2016 29.12.2016 284 756 501,60 0,69 First tranche of the dividend advance from the profit for 2016
05.07.2016 08.07.2016 1 584 731 834,88 3,84 Outstanding dividend from the profit for 2015 (the difference between the dividend adopted by the General Meeting on 28 June 2016 and the advance paid earlier)
03.02.2016 22.04.2016 293 010 313,20 0,71 Second tranche of the dividend advance from profit for 2015
03.02.2016 10.02.2016 297 137 219,00 0,72 First tranche of the dividend advance from profit for 2015

Dividends (XLSX)

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