About the project

It would seem that red brick and industrial architecture are the only elements permanently inscribed in the landscape of Łódź. Meanwhile the simple in its assumption but modern architecture which characterises Symetris Business Park has added something new to this part of the city. Łódź is a city with great potential. Bustling with life, the heart of a great deal of interesting events on a national and European scale, the heart of Polish design is also becoming a centre of business. That is why it is worth being present in such cities and creating spaces for people of broad prospects and unlimited imagination, who are an inspiration for action. Symetris Business Park initiated the development of Łódź locations where passion can be transformed into ideas and products.

About the project
  II stages
Total GLA 19 000 m2
Total office space 17 350 m2
Underground parking spaces 252
Ground-level parking spaces 129
Above-ground floors 10


Good equals comfortable, safe and responsible. An office is more than a desk. It is a space for challenges, cooperation and achieving success.
We have been providing cities with the space where great ideas can develop for more than 20 years. Our offices have entered the landscape of key cities on the business map of Poland: Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice and Łódź.
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