Echo’s standard

Good equals comfortable, safe and responsible. An office is more than a desk. It is a space for challenges, cooperation and achieving success. We listen to the needs of our tenants and we meet them. On thousands of square metres we create places where everyday life happens – professional life but not only. Appropriately selected technologies and care for the environment prove that we do not create artificial islands where people are forced to stay but places where one wants to stay for longer.

Natural materials

Noise protection

Energy-efficient lighting

Energy-efficient system
air conditioning and ventilation

Optimal access
to daylight

Tilt windows

Smoke and temperature sensors

Class A office space


Listening to the needs of our tenants and creating space where opportunities grow while achieving ambitious goals is a pleasure is a real challenge. Flexibility, searching for the best solutions and introducing innovations in the design and execution of office space are associated with constant attention. Keeping track of trends, observing the market and actively participating in it is our daily bread. We look for a happy medium between designing good space, taking care of the highest quality and rational costs.


It is no secret that we spend most of our lives at work. The people with whom we share professional challenges on a daily basis are our partners in business and often in private life. Informal meetings in the kitchen, a nice welcome in the lobby, stormy discussions in the conference rooms, chats in the common space or lunch in the canteen integrate people. By creating office buildings, we provide cities not only with buildings. They become places that connect and provide an excuse to talk. And conversation is the first step to getting to know each other better. This is how communities are formed.


Every human being should care for the natural environment. When using the Earth's resources one must not forget that this relationship is two-sided. Our projects are part of big cities. Each office building that we introduce to the urban fibre has an impact on the environment. We build responsibly. We promote green technologies out of concern for the health of people working as well as spending their time in our spaces. We want our offices to be lively places on the map of Polish cities for many years, supporting business development without harming the surrounding environment.


We believe that a well-designed office supports employees’effectiveness. It makes them feel good in it, and thus fulfil the tasks set before them even better. Comfort is never just wishful thinking. Well-planned office space can shorten the distance, support direct meetings as well as facilitate work in a quiet, secluded office. People are responsible for the atmosphere at work. It is much easier to take care of it when you are surrounded by space which is warm, engaging and provides a sense of security, where you feel at home.

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