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The new office project will offer over 43 thousand sqm of modern office space. The Brain Park complex consists of three ten-storey buildings with underground parking garage. Throughout the project there will be 485 parking spaces, charging stations for electric bikes and scooters, electric car charging stations, bicycle racks as well as changing rooms and showers for cyclists.


An unquestionable advantage of the project will be a yard, where places to rest, enjoy alfresco dining, play table tennis, play chess or enjoy a "street workout" zone have been planned. Brain Park will become afor perfect place for work, get inspiration and develop business.

About the project
GLA 43 000 sqm
Total office area 38 000 sqm
Parking places 485
Number of parking spaces for bicycles 299
Above-ground floors 10
Good equals comfortable, safe and responsible. An office is more than a desk. It is a space for challenges, cooperation and achieving success.
We have been providing cities with the space where great ideas can develop for more than 20 years. Our offices have entered the landscape of key cities on the business map of Poland: Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice and Łódź.
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