MidPoint71 to be the head office of 3M GSC Poland in Wrocław

MidPoint71, an office building developed by Echo Investment in Wrocław, will become the new head office of Business Service Centre of 3M. The tenant will move into the new location in the first quarter of 2022.

Echo Investment has been present in Wrocław since 2007 and the developer's first office project became part of the Wrocław landscape 10 years ago. MidPoint71 is Echo Investment's seventh office project developed in the city. The building is being built in Wrocław's central location at 9 Powstańców Śląskich Street and will provide 36,000 sqm of modern space.

“MidPoint71 is, above all, a fantastic location, which offers many opportunities: access to public transport, shopping centres and a number of other services located in the city center. This is a magnet for tenants, as well as their employees. Flexible and modern office space, elegant architecture, interesting green terraces are additional advantages. 3M GSC Poland appreciated them all, choosing our project for its head office in Wrocław,” says Katarzyna Kubicka, regional director at Echo Investment's office department.Our agreement is a confirmation that companies continue to develop and need stable workplaces, and the Wrocław office market remains attractive for them," she adds.

3M GSC Poland is a shared services center providing specialized business services to more than 50 countries in the EMEA region. The Wrocław branch is one of three 3M Shared Services Centers worldwide and is a crucial  element of the American company's global strategy. The company will occupy 12,300 square meters of space in the MidPoint71 building.

“3M GSC Poland is recognized as one of the best workplaces in Poland. For 5 years it has been consistently ranked among the top ten companies in the prestigious Great Place to Work® ranking. Since 2015 we have been constantly developing and increasing employment. Today we have over 1,200 employees on board. Creating the best working conditions is extremely important to us and at the same time it’s challenging. Especially in times of the pandemic, we have focused on learning about changing preferences and different ways of taking advantage of offices. That's why while choosing a new location we wanted to provide both shared space for all teams, as well as to create a flexible hybrid work model to meet the new needs of our employees,” says Vangelis Savvas, Director of 3M GSC Poland.

In the process of selecting the location and lease agreement negotiations 3M GSC Poland was represented by the consulting company Colliers.

“The transaction concerning the lease of space by 3M GSC Poland required the full commitment of all parties for several months. It was unique not only because of circumstances in which it was conducted (the covid-19 pandemic), but also because of its assumptions, which included the consolidation of 3M from two locations in Wrocław to the new head office with an area of about 12,000 square meters. MidPoint71 not only offered the right space available at the time the client wanted, but also met the client's needs in terms of location, space functionality, availability of above-standard technical solutions in the building, green terraces or flexible solutions for 3M's future expansion. We are glad that we could advise 3M GSC Poland in developing the best scenario for the relocation to the new office,” says Dorota Kościelniak, Regional Director of Colliers in Wrocław.

The construction of MidPoint71started in 2019. Medusa Group is responsible for its architectural design. The project is scheduled for the completion in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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