Beauty zone by Juźwin&Kobielski in Warsaw Brewery
Beauty zone by Juźwin&Kobielski in Warsaw Brewery

Fashion shows, magazine covers, TV and on-line shows, celebrities, trainings, and above all, spectacular metamorphoses, the trendiest hairstyles, new-style makeup and nail designs that almost everyone dreams of is the world of Sebastian Kobielski and Jarosław Juźwin. The stylists will soon bring a piece of their everyday life to Warsaw Brewery, where their own beauty salon will be opened.

New place, new project

The salon "by Juźwin & Kobielski", that is being built in Warsaw Brewery, will become sort of a creative space, where all those who want to change and are determined to entrust their image to the stylists are invited.

"Beyond the obvious and basic service aspect connected with beauty-spa, i.e. hairdressing and make-up, nail styling and image consulting, cultural, artistic and educational events will take place in the "studio", both on site and online. We have always been involved in local community issues with a broad view on what is happening in the world around us, we want to operate in Warsaw Brewery in a similar way," underlines Sebastian Kobielski.

Not only hairdressing

"by Juźwin & Kobielski" are preparing many surprises for their clients. In their new salon you will find treatments dedicated only to this place. You will be able to take part in individual and profiled trainings, and what is more an original online platform will be created.

Warsaw Brewery – a perfect place

For a long time the artists were looking for a place that would become their first salon together. However, after many talks and consultations, also with clients, they decided that Warsaw Brewery is the best location for their innovative project, that will seal 18 years of knowing each other and 15 years of experience in the industry. The salon is being built on the ground floor of the Gatehouse Apartments building at Krochmalna Street.

"The new place and its interior will perfectly reflect our aesthetics combined with ecology and functionality. We are very pleased with our closer and further neighbors, who, just like us, have chosen Warsaw Brewery. Together we create a very interesting and specialized kaleidoscope of services and experiences. Warsaw Brewery respects and renew the tradition of this place, finding the balance between business and lifestyle, design and history. The project is built in a responsible and ecological way. All this convinced us that we want to be in such a place. I am convinced that together we will create an exceptional community," points out Jarosław Juźwin.

The interior design remains a mystery for now. However, it is known that it will be a mixture of modernity and ecological solutions.

"The Meeting and Flavors District, which grows in the quarter of Grzybowska, Krochmalna, Wronia and Chlodna Streets, is taking shape. When we created the offer of this part of Warsaw we were focused on unique concepts. We have planned Warsaw Brewery as a multidimensional place. You can both live and work here. Green squares will allow you to spend time in the open air. Whereas crossing the threshold of historical spaces or new buildings, we invite guests to explore the unique culinary concepts tempting with good food, specialized stores with quality products, climatic cafes, an artisan bakery or a confectionery that can turn desserts into small works of art. Here you will be able to gain time for yourself and take advantage of professional services. We assume that the city is supposed to attract and engage in by a variety of possibilities available at your fingertips. And this is what Warsaw Brewery have become, to which the duo of Juźwin & Kobielski joined," says Karolina Prędota-Krystek, responsible for finalizing this agreement.

The stylists are in the process of advanced fitting-out works. So far they do not reveal too much, because the element of surprise in their work is always the most important. The result of their work can be seen at the turn of January and February 2021.

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