The construction of office buildings for Fujitsu has started in FUZJA
The construction of office buildings for Fujitsu has started in FUZJA

FUZJA in Łódz - a multifunctional city quarter developed by Echo Investment - has entered its next phase. In the former industrial complex of Karol Scheibler, the construction of two new office buildings, constituting an integral part of the new urban space located in the very heart of Łódź, has started. The office space will be leased by Fujitsu Technology Solutions. This milestone in the FUZJA project has been celebrated, among others, by the Mayor of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, as well as Managing Director at Fujitsu Poland Global Delivery Center, Aleksandra Durzyńska-Prochowska, and representatives of the Management Board of Echo Investment.

Modern office and service space, functional space allowing for flexible arrangement of offices, as well as a location in the city center within historic post-industrial premises - the office buildings under construction at Fuzja will cherish all these characteristics. Fujitsu, one of the world’s largest providers of IT infrastructure and support, will be the tenant of this space. Medusa Group is responsible for the architectural design of the office buildings.

- Breaking ground at the construction of Fuzja’s office buildings is not only an important phase in the implementation of this project. It is also a strong signal that at a time when the whole world is facing a pandemic, the market in Łódź continues to grow and projects such as Fuzja strengthen our city’s position on the economic map of Poland and Europe, says Hanna Zdanowska, the Mayor of Łódź. Scheibler’s post-industrial empire, the cultural and historical heritage of the textile industry in Łódź, is regaining its splendor before our eyes. Soon these premises will be handed over to the city and its residents. The newly emerging office buildings will fit not only with the historic character of this place, but also with the business character of Łódź, which is perceived as an open and entrepreneur-friendly place to run a business.

The buildings where Fujitsu will be headquartered will offer a total of 19,900 sq m of office space, providing free space arrangement tailored to individual needs and work comfort. The office buildings will have, respectively, five and six above-ground floors and one underground floor, where there will be e.g. parking for 300 bicycles. Fuzja is a city-forming project that will give post-industrial areas new functions while introducing top-class office and service spaces.

The aesthetics of the office buildings will blend in with the entire urban space of Fuzja. The modern shape of the buildings, with their facade corresponding to the entire revitalized complex, will help create a unique atmosphere of the place. What will be incorporated in the office buildings is a wall entered in the register of monuments, which is a remnant of a building that in the times of the factory’s glory was used as a bleacher, water mangle and drying room. The buildings have been designed in accordance with the BREEAM certificate guidelines, they will also be built and used with respect for the environment, which will be reflected, among other things, in low energy consumption and low emissions to the atmosphere, as well as the use of environmentally friendly building and finishing materials.

- Echo Investment’s strategy is based on responsibility for co-creating good cities. Fuzja is a perfect example of this approach. This historic area was closed and inaccessible to the residents of Łódź for many years. We are working to make it a fully-fledged part of Łódź again, to integrate it, meet the needs, and become a background for a sustainable, urban lifestyle. Fuzja will be a great place to live, run errands, spend time with friends, but also take up ambitious professional challenges. I believe that for employees of Fujitsu working in this place will also be a pleasure, says Nicklas Lindberg, CEO at Echo Investment.

- Fuzja is a natural choice for us when it comes to the new joint location of our team in Łódź. The office buildings at Tymienieckiego Street will give us what we need: a high standard, as well as a convenient location with retail space, restaurants and entertainment offer. Due to the company’s continuous development, Fujitsu’s team in Łódź has been operating in two locations for 4 years. In our company, one of the most important values is good cross-department cooperation, and a joint office will certainly allow us to build relations between our employees even better. The choice of our new office location is the result of a survey addressed to employees who expressed their wish to work under one roof, in the city center, in a multifunctional complex, and the Fuzja project’s building met all expectations. I think that, especially after the recent events related to the pandemic and forced isolation, Fujitsu’s team in Łódź is looking forward to moving to new offices, says Aleksandra Durzyńska-Prochowska, Managing Director at Fujitsu Poland Global Delivery Center.

Fuzja - project carried out by Echo Investment - will bring back life to post-industrial areas of the former Karol Scheibler’s factory in Łódź. On nearly 8 hectares at Tymienieckiego Street, the revitalized historical buildings will regain their splendor, and thanks to new functions they will be filled with people again. There will also be other facilities that will complement the existing urban fabric with new places to live, work and meet.

The project will consist of four residential buildings, as well as c.a. 40,000 sq m of office space. Historic buildings will offer space for services, shops and restaurants. Also new urban squares, public spaces and green areas, which will occupy almost 4 hectares, will be created. In June 2021, the first fragment of the square at the Power Plant will be opened to the public, creating a new, unique space for meetings and social activities. All this will make Fuzja a unique place on the map of Łódź, attractive for employees, residents and tourists.

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