A breath of Mediterranean summer in the Warsaw Brewery. The Mykonos restaurant invites you to try Greek and Southern delicacies
A breath of Mediterranean summer in the Warsaw Brewery. The Mykonos restaurant invites you to try Greek and Southern delicacies

You can already taste one of the best and healthiest cuisines in the world in the Warsaw Brewery. The Gatehouse Offices saw the opening of the first restaurant that is a part of the District of Meetings and Flavors that is developing here. Mykonos will provide delicious cuisine, a moment's rest, and holiday relaxation.

The Mykonos restaurant is the first restaurant to be opened in the Warsaw Brewery. It is located in the Gatehouse Offices at the corner of Grzybowska and Wronia streets. In the center of Warsaw's Wola district we can taste the finest Greek cuisine served by chef Theodoros Vogdanos, responsible for the success of such restaurants as El Greco and Paros. Theodoros is a chef with years of experience that he has gained in renowned restaurants i.a. in Mykonos, Crete, and Athens. His curious cuisine, full of amazing flavors, is based on products brought straight from Greece.

- Mykonos will feel like a Greek holiday. Our menu is based on fresh and tasty products imported straight from Greece. Here, our guests will find everything they associate this country with – delicious cheeses: feta, manouri and graviera, delicious lamb, the best olive oil, aromatic dried tomatoes or tasty olives, as well as fresh herbs and spices in a masterful combination - says Marzena Nowakowska-Cipriano, owner of the restaurant.

Joy and warm atmosphere

Mykonos in the Warsaw Brewery is a new concept, different from the existing restaurants. Unique design – the deep blue filling the interior and bright accessories add energy and freshness to the place, and the view of the Gatehouse Square full of green trees and plants guarantee peace and respite. According to the owners, a visit to this restaurant is a trip to a sunny island, where you can easily feel like you were on your best holiday. The modern interiors and a wide range of dishes will make this journey unforgettable. In addition, the guests will have a spacious garden in the shade of greenery at their disposal, which is located on the Gatehouse Square.

- The restaurant is very spacious. The main entrance will welcome the guests with a glazed bar and the spacious and high room will tempt them with its deep, juicy shade of marina blue. We have also prepared a space for those who like quiet, intimate interiors, hidden in the depths of our restaurant. Each of our rooms is equipped with a sound system and screens. This place is perfect for business meetings, business lunches and dinners with friends. There will also be music that will introduce us to the holiday atmospheresays Marzena Nowakowska-Cipriano.

You can stop by at Mykonos for a healthy and filling breakfast, a business lunch, a family dinner, or a long evening with friends, with music, wine, and dancing.

- The Mykonos restaurant is at a little distance from Grzybowska street, thanks to which the atmosphere in this place is really intimate. In the heart of the District of Meetings and Flavors we can move to a sunny island and feel what the famous Greek hospitality is. It is a journey full of flavors, aromas, and colors of the sun. It is no coincidence that this was the first restaurant to open just before the summer vacations. Surely many of us will choose to take a holiday in the country this year, so thanks to Mykonos we will be able to feel like on holiday and taste real Greek cuisinesays Michał Gerwat, director of the Warsaw Brewery project.

Delicious dishes, prepared from vegetables ripened in the Greek sun, best quality meat, fresh fish, and seafood. Mykonos Restaurant is located at ul. Grzybowska 62 in the Warsaw Brewery.

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