Flowers, inspirations, design, nature and delicious coffee. Badyle Concept Store joins Warsaw Brewery
Flowers, inspirations, design, nature and delicious coffee. Badyle Concept Store joins Warsaw Brewery

A unique idea, delicious flavors and amazing aromas. The Meeting and Flavors District will now have a place like never before! Badyle is a combination of a florist’s, an art gallery and a café where you can buy an adorable bouquet, relax and rest as well.

Badyle Concept Store is a place which arises from a combination of a love for floristry, coffee, and getting together to talk. The guests will be able to have a delicious coffee and eat something good, surrounded by calming greenery. The scent of flowers will combine with the aroma of freshly ground coffee and home-made pie. It was two florists who have decided to create such an unusual concept – Tomasz Belczyk and Miron Majewski, who run a florist's combined with an art gallery in Stary Browar in Poznań.

"The idea for a flower business was born a few years ago, right here in Warsaw, so we're returning here with great sentiment. We're inspired mainly by nature – by that which surrounds us – the beauty of nature, plants, animals. We love everything that's natural. This is exactly what our customers like about Badyle, that we don't use any artificial elements" – as Tomasz Belczyk highlights.

Not only flowers

The owners of the Badyle florist's want to not only delight their guests with beautiful bouquets, but also with unique art and exhibitions. But that’s not all. Badyle are a combination of flowers and design. We'll find beautiful flower pots, moss and concrete walls, lamps, furniture and porcelain there. All of the products are 100% natural and are made throughout the entire Greater Poland region.

"Badyle's mission is to teaching the customers that nature can defend itself and be beautiful, so that's why we'll be holding various DIY workshops in our florist's regularly: wreaths, bouquets, forests in glass or a jar or kokedamas. We'd also like to organize a small eco fashion fair from time to time, during which you could buy biodegradable bags made of beeswax or swimsuits and clothes made from the waste fished out of oceans and seas. A completion of this concept will be presenting to our guests the Japanese wabi-sabi art, i.e. getting delighted with passing beauty" – says Miron Majewski.

Nature and art present in Warsaw Brewery

The florist's decor has to be modern and simple, and at the same time very atmospheric and warm. The main decorative element of the space will of course be various types of plants. A delightful plant orangery will be built inside.

"The decision to open our florist's at Warsaw Brewery was made virtually without hesitation. The place itself is an inspiration for us and the fact that it's located in the center of Warsaw means that the location is very prestigious for our company" – stresses Bleczyk.

The Badyle florist's will be the first of such type in Warsaw, it will be opened in the Maltouse Offices building occuping over 100 sqm.

"The Meeting and Flavors District will offer a new place which, owing to the ingenuity of its owners and their passion for nature, will become a corner of peace in our city quarter. Such a combination guarantees the perfect relaxation, which will surely be useful to the residents and to the guests of Warsaw Brewery and which will make them willing to visit it" – as Karolina Prędota-Krystek, senior leasing manager at Echo Investment, emphasizes.

This unique concept is planned to be opened at the end of 2020.

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