French cuisine and Parisian vibes in Warsaw Brewery
French cuisine and Parisian vibes in Warsaw Brewery

Another exceptional spot will soon be opened in the Meeting and Flavors District and not only fans of France will love it. A map of this flavorfully quarter in Warsaw's Wola District will be enriched by a bistro offering French delicacies. French bistro guests will be welcomed with the best wine and food.

Warsaw Brewery is diversifing its wide culinary service range. French bistro will be opened in the new district, that stands out by great architecture and the unique past. This place that will attract not only residents of the Meeting and Flavors District, but also all Warsaw people and tourists who want to taste French cuisine.

"We are working for our urcity quarter to provide guests with unforgettable flavors from almost all over the world. We are uncovering another piece of a flavor mosaic we create in Warsaw Brewery. French bistro completes the diversity of this location. Dishes served and the decor will make us feel like on the streets of Paris for a moment. Karolina and Lukas Kwaśniewscy, the creators of this spot, are also responsible for the success of the Port Royal restaurant. They will surely draw on their experience in this new French restaurant, that will be a reflection of their passion for this region of Europe. The way how the owners run restaurants is featured by caring for the best and always fresh ingredients, chefs in a kitchen and a well-organized restaurant team. So, we can expect it from French bistro," Karolina Prędota-Krystek, senior leasing manager at Echo Investment.

French vibes at the new street

French Bistro will occupy nearly 250 sqm at the newly built Haberbuscha and Schielego Street, on the ground floor of the Rest4Rent building, i.e. apartments for rent.

"We have decided to develop our new restaurant in Warsaw Brewery mainly because of the atmosphere of this place, historical aspects and a location in Wola. We are convinced that our guests will feel great in this unique place. Everything we do in our life comes straight from a heart, and our life motto is being fair to ourselves, environment and our guests. We follow this in every field of our life and we believe that good energy we send to the world always comes back and sprouts to bring new ideas and projects," Karolina Kwaśniewska, the owner of French bistro.

France in the very center of Warsaw

The owners of French Bistro, Karolina and Łukasz Kwaśniewscy are widely-experienced restaurateurs. The well-known restaurant Port Royal in Hala Koszyki is also their success. They will use their knowledge in a new location and provide their guests with exceptional flavors. It will be a vibrant French bistro with music straight from artistic districts of Paris. The restaurant will change its image with seasons, and every month there will be a menu insert with dishes from a specific region of France - Burgundy, Alsace or Provence.

"Surely our bistro will also offer typical flavors for French cuisine. For breakfast, we offer croque madame and monsieur beloved by everyone, traditional onion soup and bouillabaisse, i.e. fish soup can be tasted. In our kitchen, you will also find snails and ratatouille. The products that will appear in the kitchen will be authentic - French butter and flour, which have no counterparts in Poland. The menu will have a predominance of vegetables, fish and seafood and the restaurant will also include an oyster bar - where oyster fans will find the best specimens," Łukasz Kwaśniewski, the owner of French bistro.

Naturally, our menu will also include a selection of French wines that can be tasted with the best blue cheese. A typical French bistro cannot exist without pancakes. In summer they will be served in a garden.

Chic of Paris

The decor will complement the whole picture. The restaurant will be featured by classic round tables and chairs that are typial of Parisian restaurants. In the evenings you will have a chance to listen to live music there. Maciej Ryniewicz and Rafał Kaletowski, who designed Port Royal, will take care of the interior design. The owners highlight that their prime rule in French bistro is to salisfy guests.

"People and their perceptions of flavors and aromas are an inspiration for us. Energy that is produced in a kitchen when preparing a dish is always felt on a plate. Comments and observations of guests are often on point, we like to listen to them and then try newer and fresher connections," Karolina Kwaśniewska.

French bistro is planned to be open in December 2020. The name of the bistro will be announced later.

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