Fuzja gets momentum. Office part with building permission!
Fuzja gets momentum. Office part with building permission!

Echo Investment has received a building permit to start the first two office buildings at Fuzja. Thus, the developer has begun the next stage of the revitalization of the postindustrial part of Łódź. The developer, at the site of the former Karol Scheibler’s factory of Karol Scheibler, creates a place that will harmoniously combine the essence of Łódź entrepreneurship with various city functions. Because of that, this part of the city will again fill with life and people.

The construction of two office buildings that will be a part of Fuzja will start in the second quarter of the next year. In total, they will offer almost 20,000 sqm of space for rent - the first one over 9,000 sqm. GLA, and the second one - over 10,000 sqm. GLA. Both buildings will be ready to use in 2022.

"I am happy that we are bringing a unique part of Łódź - a post-industrial space with incredible potential – back to life," says Katarzyna Kubicka, regional director at Echo Investment's office department. "At the site of almost eight hectares, we revitalize post-factory buildings, build new facilities, create open spaces for meetings and interactions – everything aimed at bringing people and life back here. Łódź inhabitants are looking for authentic spaces with a soul where they have everything at their fingertips: favorite restaurants and cafes, shops with local products, places to hold business meetings, and places to hang out with friends. I am sure that comfortable Fuzja offices, located among historic buildings, will attract companies looking for a unique atmosphere for work and a place that is part of the city," adds Katarzyna Kubicka.

Fuzja, due to its scale, is implemented in many stages. In the spring of 2019, construction of two apartment buildings began, followed by cleaning and revitalization of the square in front of the historic power plant and the renovation of its Art Nouveau facade.

Together with the first office buildings, Echo Investment will install service facilities at the square in front of the power plant, another residential construction, and a multi-story car park.

Fuzja, an urban project at ul. Tymienieckiego in Łódź will be an open and friendly part of the city. Echo Investment creates a comfortable place to live, work, and relax. Apartments, offices, and space for services, as well as shops and restaurants,  will be built on an area of nearly 8 hectares. In the heart of this quarter, there will be a historic Art Nouveau power plant, which will soon gain a new glow and will be adapted to new functions. New city squares, shared spaces, and green areas will occupy almost 4 hectares, encouraging people to spend there their free time and relax. Fuzja residents and users will be able to take advantage of numerous amenities, including car-sharing services, bike paths, bicycle service stations, parcel collection points, and electric car charging stations.

Thanks to all this will cause Fuzja will soon become a vibrant and attractive part of Łódź.

About Fuzja

Fusion is a unique part of Łódź, full of history, and even more fascinating future. The former Karol Scheibler’s textile empire returns to the city thanks to Echo Investment, which brings the area back to life, creating a friendly, open, and energetic quarter of the city.

In the heart of the project, there will be a historic Art Nouveau power plant, which for years provided power for the entire factory, and later - after its closure - inspired artists. Soon it will gain a new glow and function.

Fuzja will harmoniously combine the spirit of entrepreneurship with various city functions, thanks to which this part of the city will again fill with life and people. Numerous services and amenities, as well as smart home solutions in apartments,  will make sure that living here will be comfortable and pleasant.

City squares shared spaces and green areas will entwine historic tissue in modern architecture, encouraging people to come here and spend time with family and friends. The factory and new buildings will meet office workers, residents, lovers of food, good coffee, and reunions.

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