Malthouse Apartments - residential jewel of Browary Warszawskie
Malthouse Apartments - residential jewel of Browary Warszawskie

In the vicinity of the largest preserved building of old breweries - a historic, 19th-century Malthouse - comfortable spaces to live in for those who feel at home in a vibrant city life.

The building with a beautiful, copper facade will be erected at a new section of Krochmalna street, right next to the Malthouse Square, the Breakfast Square and the former Laboratory.

"Residents of the Malthouse Apartments will be in the centre of the capital, but far from city hustle and bustle. Close to everything urban, but in green and secluded surroundings, where you will have restaurants, cafes and stores. By living in Browary Warszawskie, you can eat out, but at the same time be at your place. A quick breakfast in one of the cafes at Krochmalna street? Lunch at the Bravery Gate? Or maybe an elegant dinner in the atmospheric Time Cellars? It will only be a matter of a simple decision" says Dawid Wrona, Sales Director at Echo Investment

At the place where Echo Investment is starting the construction of the Malthouse Apartments this year, malt brewery buildings used to be located for decades. It is here where specialised brew masters watched over the germination process of barley grains, which gave rise to excellent products of the Warsaw brewery. A characteristic, malty aroma was literally felt in the whole surrounding area. Although the malt house building did not preserved to this day, its characteristic shape and proportions will be a continued in contemporary architecture, which was designed by the prestigious JEMS Architekci. The project is rooted in historical references and harmoniously integrates into the historic development.

"Solutions adopted and noble materials are a tribute to the old development and enter into dialogue with the old buildings thanks to use of copper-coloured panels that perfectly match the historic surroundings of the Malthouse buildings or the Time Cellars. Glamorous entrance halls from Krochmalna street, elegant reception with a comfortable place to rest will a the showcase of the building. Residents of the building will be able to use concierge services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week" Dawid Wrona, Sales Director at Echo Investment

The building features 76 apartments of various sizes, from one-room, compact interiors, to four penthouses located on the two top floors. All of them are perfectly designed, but also uncompromising in terms of the performance quality. Further comfort will be provided by numerous amenities, including the integrated remote control system for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and facade blinds. The unquestionable advantage is also its surroundings.

"Just a few steps from home you will find friendly, green and beautifully designed city spaces on the Malthouse Square, the Breakfast Square or in the Central Garden. Perfect for a walk, rest after work, meeting friends. The revived handicraft brewing tradition in the restored Malthouse and the Time Cellars will wait for connoisseurs of brewing products. Living in Browary Warszawskie means being a part of this unique place" Dawid Wrona, Sales Director at Echo Investment

Browary Warszawskie is an area between Grzybowska, Wronia, Chłodna and Krochmalna streets, which Echo Investment will redefine into the urban fabric. It will be a new, open to all urban quarter, formed by residential buildings, office buildings and public squares, rest and recreation places, cafes, restaurants and shops.

This is a place with a beautiful history but above all a modern, functional and comprehensive urban and architectural concept. There will be four office buildings, five residential buildings, more than 8,000 sqm for services, restaurants, shops, well-arranged public spaces with city squares, small streets and a comfortable space full of greenery. The undoubted advantages of this place also include the proximity of the centre of Warsaw, the metro station and the availability of developed public transport.

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