Bakery Browary Warszawskie: the smell of traditional bread, ecological products and modern flavours
Bakery Browary Warszawskie: the smell of traditional bread, ecological products and modern flavours

Bakery Browary Warszawskie is an innovative concept in the style of French artisan bakeries, it will be opened in Warsaw's Wola district. On the ground floor of the Malthouse Offices building, the owners will create a place for lovers of sweet and salty pastries.

Proven recipes and ecological solutions

The uniqueness of Bakery Browary Warszawskie is primarily evidenced by the concept of this place based on the principles of operation of artisan bakeries, using only natural ingredients, traditional recipes and ecological products from local crops.

"Our guests will be able to see for themselves how healthy bread with natural leaven is made, how this bread grows and browns. A delicious breakfast, a balanced lunch as well as aromatic coffee and freshly squeezed juices await them every day. But in our bakery, the most important thing is bread - tasty, fragrant, crunchy - with all kinds of grains, seeds rich in vitamins and minerals. Everything of the highest quality," says Bartek Rychcik, owner of Bakery Browary Warszawskie.

Bartek Rychcik's love for baking is in his blood. As a little boy, he helped his father weaving challah in a bakery in Żory. It owns a dozen or so bakery and confectionery facilities, including the Bakery Wilanów craft concept, popular and praised by guests.

A menu like never before

Guests of Bakery Browary Warszawskie will be able to taste the original menu in Polish and French style. It will be created by the chef, a real master - Michał Paleta, who also became a partner in the entire project.

"Everyone who visits us will be able to enjoy delicious pastries. Michał is a real magician and he will literally work wonders on the basis of French bread - sweet and salty. Many products, e.g. sandwiches, will be personalized, so our guests will decide what they will be filled with. There will also be Polish bread based on traditional sourdough," emphasizes Bartek Rychcik.

He also adds that the creators of Bakery Browary Warszawskie draw primarily from children's experiences - from the tastes and smells of their family homes. But they also look for inspiration abroad - in Italy, France or Austria, which will surely be noticed by everyone who visits the new bakery.

Tradition and modernity

The idea behind the creators of the Bakery Browary concept is to create eateries that change the faces of cities and places, while creating a friendly atmosphere.

"The great history of Browary Warszawskie, dating back to the 19th century, fits in with this idea. We are proud that by creating Bakery Browary Warszawskie, we will overwrite the history of the wonderful Haberbusch and Schiele. We believe that in Browary Warszawskie they will become an interesting, eagerly visited place on the map of the capital, so we want to be part of them," emphasizes Bartek Rychcik.

The Bakery interior will be minimalist and friendly at the same time. The premises will be dominated by white, black and gray, and the whole will be enriched with live vegetation. The architecture of the place will be complemented by the ubiquitous bread - of various types and sizes, which will fill the counters and shelves.

"Many of us have favourite places that we visit on the way to work or in a hurry to meet, which make the day better immediately. The smell of fresh bread or aromatic black coffee is my favourite for a good start to the day. Such aromas, associated with a homely, warm atmosphere, will soon welcome guests of Browary Warszawskie at the hospitable threshold of Bakery Browary. The modern approach of the owner and the experience of the chef will make this bistro a place worth staying here for longer. The Meetings and Flavors District, which is developing in our city quarter, has thus gained another argument to invite residents, employees and guests to discover amazing tastes and spend their free time here," Karolina Prędota-Krystek, senior leasing manager at Echo Investment responsible for finalizing the contract.

Bakery Browary Warszawskie will invite its first guests at the turn of September and October 2020. The premises will be located in the Malthouse Offices, by the stairs leading through the Lower Square to the Storage Cellar.

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