Eight unique apartments for exceptional clients. Echo Investment completed revitalization of the historic palace of Ogrody Graua
Eight unique apartments for exceptional clients.  Echo Investment completed revitalization  of the historic palace of Ogrody Graua

The uniqueness of apartments located in the Heimann foundation palace in Wrocław is not connected with their location or even their high quality finish, but with a historical heritage of the building and a exceptional approach of finding its beauty originated from the second half of the 19th century. Chosen clients will be offered to buy one of the eight stylish apartments. Such daisies are difficult to find on the Polish market.

Unique opportunities for real connoisseurs do not happen very often. It is a huge challenge to find a daisy within thousands of offers - a well-located apartment surrounded by greenery, spacious, tastefully finished and situated in a building that is a witness to history. Such a unique opportunity in Wrocław was offered by Echo Investment. Chosen clients of the company may take up residence in one of eight stylish apartments located in the 19th century palace of the Heimann foundation, designed by a well-known Wrocław architect Albert Grau.

The palace surrounded by a wonderful tree stand was developed by a family of bankers from Wrocław, for charity. It has survived two wars and stormy post-war times to be included in the list of historical monuments in the 1990s. Echo Investment has stopped the process of progressive destruction of this unique building. In 2020, it was renovated and adapted for luxury apartments.

The palace is an exceptional part of the Ogrody Graua project. We are convinced that particular residents will feel good in it, people looking for something more than a good location, a comfortable layout and a high quality finish. The building’s restoration has required many hours of poring over papers in archives, research and a close cooperation with a conservator. The result is staggering, these apartments are second to none’ says Dawid Wrona, Sales Director at Echo Investment.

Revitalization works in the palace began in early 2019. The aesthetics of the palace's interior is modelled on 19th century descriptions and engravings. Both the façade and interiors have been restored, including wooden windows, stylized doors with carved portals, original floors and a beautiful staircase with a carved balustrade. The existing entrance door has been preserved and has been renovated in a professional conservation workshop. Specialists have also recreated original colours of walls and wooden elements. Original bricks are exposed on parts of ceilings and walls.

The Ogrody Graua project is another example of Renaissance of apartments in the city. It shows in practice how to use the enormous added value of a thriving European metropolis – full of services, cultural or sporting events – while not compromising on the quality of living in an oasis of greenery and good, revitalized architecture. It is a chance for a second life for historic buildings and synergy at the interface with modernity, which, surrounded by high-class greenery, gives the desired - high quality of life today’ - says Zbigniew Maćków, chief architect and founder of Maćków Pracownia Projektowa.

There is a private club for residents in the basement of the palace, inspired by an atmosphere of prestigious clubs for the British society, where you can organize private meetings and parties, without violating the apartment privacy.

On the façade, Echo Investment has restored colours suitable for the period of the work of Albert Grau. Modern architectural concrete balconies with glass balustrades have been designed from a garden side to enhance comfort, and destroyed lucarnes have been replaced with modern glazing that reveals a view of the southern part of Wrocław.

‘We have clients with unique taste and needs. Each apartment will be individually designed by our architects and then finished. Their proposals are inspired by impressionist and post-impressionist painters from the end of the 19th century, when the palace was built, such as Renoir, Monet, Gauguin, Pissarro or Mehoffer. Along with references to the history of art, each apartment will also be equipped with the Echo Smart management system, and its functions will make some of the household duties disappear. With this system, residents will be able to control blinds, regulate  temperature and sunlight, and by means of light and music control, they will be able to create the right mood’ - adds Dawid Wrona.

The Ogrody Graua project, part of which is a historic palace, has a private park with tall trees, and additionally it is surrounded by the Szczytnicki Park. They are located on Gdańska Street, just 1.5 km from Ostrów Tumski, Wyspa Słodowa or Hala Stulecia.

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