Sii Poland goes for West 4 Business Hub
Sii Poland goes for West 4 Business Hub

A fast-paced provider of IT, engineering and BPO services in Poland – Sii Polska – relocates its office in Wrocław to the first stage of West 4 Business Hub. Its construction is on schedule. Sii will start working in the new office in August this year.

Sii Polska will occupy 3,500 sqm in the first building of the West 4 Business Hub office complex, developed by Echo Investment at Na Ostatnim Groszu Street in Wrocław.

The Sii Wrocław team consists of 500 professionals. We employ more and more people and the number of projects continues to grow. A natural consequence of a dynamic growth of our branch was the need to find a new office. In total, we will now occupy 3,500 sqm on one tier,” says Tomasz Omieciński, Regional Director at Sii Polska.

Sii is one of the biggest IT employers in Poland. The company employs over 4,500 people. Sii carries out projects in 14 locations: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Cracow, Poznań, Łódź, Katowice, Rzeszów, Lublin, Piła, Częstochowa, Bydgoszcz, Gliwice, Białystok and Wrocław. Regardless of the branches (geographically oriented), Sii has 16 competency centres operating cross-functionally in Sii offices in the whole Poland and in specialized specific technological areas, e.g. Digital, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SAP, BPO, Business Intelligence, Testing Services and others.

“Signing the contract with Sii Polska is a success of the whole team working on the West 4 Business Hub project. Once again, we have met requirements of the leading company of the IT services sector. We can say that the IT industry has liked our office buildings in this location. The construction is not letting up and is being carried out on previously adopted schedule, similarly as our talks with the next prospective tenants. From the beginning of the commercialization of the project we wanted the location to be associated with spaces that inspire and engage, flexible and adapted to the needs of any type of business activity. I am convinced that West 4 Business Hub has a lot to offer. It is worth mentioning that the building provides, among others, a building application that will allow tenants to use their space even more efficiently and will make it easier for employees to function in their new office. Thanks to technological and organizational solutions implemented, it will be a safe and healthy place to work,” emphasizes Katarzyna Kubicka, Regional Director at Echo investment's Office Projects Department.

West 4 Business Hub on schedule

The construction of the first stage of West 4 Business Hub started in February 2019. The building will provide over 15.5 thousand sqm of office space. The five-level office building enters more and more clearly into the landscape of this part of Wrocław. Passers-by can admire the white elevation that was designed by Pracownia Architektoniczna Maćków. The facade of the building is almost finished, 90% of the elevation has already been completed. Road works around the office building are being carried out, and fitting-out works are underway inside the building: a resin floor covering is being installed in the underground parking garage; staircases are being painted.

The developer is also preparing the space for the tenant. Partition walls have already been erected and a raised floor have been installed. Service systems are currently underway.

The office building is scheduled for commissioning in August this year.

Watch the video from the construction site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTZNFTLvYF0&feature=youtu.be

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