One year, 4 cities, 750 apartments by Echo Investment
One year, 4 cities, 750 apartments by Echo Investment

Echo Investment plans to complete five premium projects located in four Polish cities until the end of 2020. Widoki Mokotów and the Malthouse Apartments in Warsaw, Ogrody Graua in Wrocław, Esencja and Fuzja in Łódź will offer a total of nearly 750 high-standard apartments. All units will be equipped with Echo Smart solutions.

All apartment buildings developed by Echo Investment are characterized by the highest quality, a prime location and an increased standard. Moreover, they are located in the vicinity of a meeting place easily identified in a given city - for Esencja, it is the largest park in Poznań named Cytadela, while the Malthouse Apartments are being built right next to Grzybowska Street, well-known to all Warsaw residents. Echo Investment's projects provide the comfort and privacy, staying at the heart of things. This year the developer plans to hand over nearly 750 premium apartments to clients.

In April Echo Investment handed over the keys to the apartments in the Widoki Mokotów project to the first residents. The building offers 9 commercial premises and 70 apartments, including comfortable penthouses, that offer a panoramic view of the entire city. A very reputable Mąka Sojka Architekci studio is responsible for the unique appearance of this apartment building in Warsaw. Widoki Mokotów is the first project by Echo Investment completed with smart solutions as standard.

The developer’s project in Wrocław is also being finished. The Ogrody Graua Apartments are located close to the Grunwaldzki Square, but because they are surrounded by the old tree stand, they are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They are developed in the vicinity of a nineteenth-century neo-Gothic palace designed by a prominent architect Albert Grau. Future residents will also enjoy a private park.

- Our premium apartments attract many clients and - especially now – are seen as a safe and stable investment. In recent weeks, in case of our high-standard projects, such as Widoki Mokotów and the Malthouse Apartaments in Warsaw, Esencja w Poznań or Ogrody Graua in Wrocław, as many as half of our clients have bought an apartment, among others, to protect their capital against inflation and to preserve their assets, the next ones are considering such a purchase. This proves that well-located properties of high standard are resistant to market fluctuations," says Dawid Wrona, Sales Director of the residential project department at Echo Investment.

In Poznań, the Esencja Apartments are under construction offering a unique view of the Warta River and the revitalized Old Slaughterhouse, that will soon become the new cultural centre of Poznań. The project is distinguished by modern, high-standard buildings, that fit into a big-city character of the area. Echo Investment has taken care of the comfort of the residents of Esencja, carefully planning the surrounding greenery and shared areas.

By the end of this year, the Malthouse Apartments, a new icon of Warsaw Brewery, will also be completed. The apartment building with a beautiful copper facade is being develped next to the historic nineteenth-century Malthouse, at the new section of Krochmalna Street, in the heart of the developer's flagship project in Warsaw. The building, scheduled to be finished in the fourth quarter of 2020, offers 76 apartments, including two-level penthouses.

In Łódź, the developer has blended its premium apartments in a character of the multifunctional, industrial Fuzja project. At present, Echo Investment is developing the first stage of the construction, when two residential buildings are being built. A new, open part of the city is being developed at Tymienieckiego Street, with 90,000 sqm of residential, office, service and restaurant space, enriched with cultural centres, city squares, shared areas and green areas, that will occupy almost 4 hectares.

In order to ensure the comfort for future residents, Echo Investment's projects provide various amenities - some of apartment buildings offer a spacious fitness room and a sauna, others a cozy residents' club or an open, green patio. Many of them are featured with an elegant reception desk and a private package delivery place. All apartments of the Echo projects will be equipped with the Echo Smart management system, tailored to individual needs of owners. Tenants will be able to control the lighting, set the appropriate room temperature and even manage household appliances and audio-visual equipment.

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