First phase of Face2Face Business Campus reaches the top

An office complex developed by Echo Investment in Katowice keeps growing. The seventh floor of the first of the two office buildings belonging to the Face2Face Business Campus a crowing wreath was placed meaning the building has reached the target height. The façade, installations, and finishing touches will come next. The first employees will start work here at the end of 2019.

The works on the Face2Face Business Campus’ construction site began in May 2018. More than a year later, the structure of the first, lower office building comprising a new office part of the Katowice landscape is ready.

“Placing the crowing wreath means a crucial stage of the construction is over. We’ve already reached the highest point, while the building got its final shape. Now, we will focus on the façade, installations, and finishing touches, as well as the building exterior. One by one, we tick all the boxes on the agenda. We make real the well-designed space that soon will become a workplace for about 2,000 people,” says Paweł Szarpak, project manager at Echo Investment office department.

The first stage of the Face2Face Business Campus is a seven-story office building with an area of 20,000 sqm. The M&JBUD is the contractor for the building’s construction. The design of the Face2Face Business Campus has been developed by Grupa 5 Architekci, while Katowice-based Biuro Projektowe Małeccy has been responsible for the space between the buildings.

Building of the EXCELLENT quality

A well-designed space means the comfort of work for its future employees. When focusing on the proper functioning of a human in this newly created place, one cannot overlook the care for the natural environment. Thus, the designers took into account many various issues. A responsible approach to work ergonomics, environment-friendly technological solutions, rational water and energy management, monitoring of waste management, valuable plant species, enabling settling of birds and insects were just some of them. The building has received the BREEAM certificate of the EXCELLENT class as early as at the blueprint stage.

New place on Katowice’s business map

The first Face2Face Business Campus building will fill up with people at the end of 2019.

"The Face2Face project is getting closer to the moment when it faces its first users. While this is not a race, it is worth noting that the good construction pace goes hand in hand with the leasing activity. The crowing wreath placement is a reminder that soon we will open the door to those who have had to trust the location potential. We have successfully rented almost 70% of the building's area. The new Medicover clinic is already working on its space. We create this place so to help users achieving their professional goals and aspirations. When they feel good here, it will mean we have created a good place to grow and run a business" says Michalina Lewicka, leasing manager at Echo Investment office department. "It will be the best praise for us."

Next door to the first Face2Face building, a second, fifteen-story building is erected, with an area of over 26,000 sqm. Currently, work is underway on the excavation, and zero-level construction works. The entire investment will complete in the 4th quarter of 2020.

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