LUX MED in the O3 Business Campus complex in Kraków
LUX MED in the O3 Business Campus complex in Kraków

The LUX MED medical centre has joined the list of tenants of the O3 Business Campus complex at Opolska street in Kraków. The new facility offering a wide range of medical services has occupied 2,200 sqm and is now open for patients.

In the new O3 Business Campus office complex, LUX MED patients can see a wide range of specialists, including an internist, a cardiologist, a dermatologist, a neurologist, an allergist, a gynecologist, a rehabilitation physician, an ophthalmologist, and a psychologist. They can also consult a general surgeon and undergo major surgical procedures. The center offers comprehensive diagnostic tests, among others USG, ECG, echocardiography, spirometry and laboratory examinations. The existing facility at 114 Opolska street offers the care of family doctors and internists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our patients can be assisted here by the best experts, perform many specialised tests in modern spaces and very comfortable conditions. There are 30 doctors' offices, 3 diagnostic and treatment rooms, a rehabilitation department offering treatments for children and adults' says Małgorzata Roman-Szteliga, Director of the Medical Center.

Echo Investment's office leasing team was responsible for the lease of the O3 Business Campus complex and the refinement of the terms of the agreement with LUX MED.

'O3 Business Campus in Kraków attracts leaders from many industries, and its unquestionable assets are a great location, proximity to the city centre, the station and the airport, as well as comfortable spaces to work. The medical center of a reputable chain certainly improves the attractiveness of this place and makes it easier for employees to take care of their health' says Magdalena Mikula, Leasing Manager in Echo Investment’s Office Department.

O3 Business Campus is a complex of three buildings, two of them are owned by EPP, and the last one is the subject of the sale preliminary agreement between Echo Investment and EPP. LUX MED occupies space in the first and third building.

“The presence of LUX MED in O3 Business Campus is a double joy. First of all, it is obviously connected with the lease of the large space. But it is also great news for companies present in the office building and their employees. They can now easily benefit from the offer of the medical center, perform examinations, make an appointment with a doctor or a physiotherapist and that's all close to their workplace” says Sylwia Piechnik, Head of Office Leasing in EPP.

The modern O3 Business Campus office complex consists of three 12-storey A-class buildings with an underground car park with a total leasable area of ​​57,000 sqm. The project is located in the northern part of Kraków, at the junction of Opolska street and 29 Listopada avenue. Its main tenants are companies providing so-called shared services for business, encouraged by, among others the proximity to the Cracow University of Technology. The project was developed by Echo Investment. The first two buildings belong to EPP, which also has office properties in Szczecin, Poznań, Łódź, Warsaw and Kielce.

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