Inspiring return to the office – creative pop-up space in Face2Face Business Campus
Inspiring return to the office – creative pop-up space in Face2Face Business Campus

A library of inspiration, a comfortable chillzone, a 6-meter-long relaxation coloring book, and a program full of immersive events – these are the main attractions of the “Face2Face meeting zone” opened in Katowice. The more than 150-square-meter space in the Face2Face Business Campus office complex can already be used not only by employees of the complex, but also by the general public. Echo Investment and the Czech real estate fund INVESTIKA are responsible for the creative pop-up. The program of events includes an author meeting with Janina Bak, a statistician and influencer known as Janina Daily.

Recent changes to the Labor Code and the official end to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has lasted more than three years, have once again encouraged business to dialogue as part of the return of workers to the office. As part of these events, Echo Investment , a developer responsible for realization of Face2Face Business Campus, together with a joint venture of the Czech real estate fund INVESTIKA, owner of this great office complex in Katowice, launched the creative pop-up “Face2Face Meeting Zone.” This cooperation is next step in relation between real estate fund and developer.

More than 150 square meters of space on the first floor of one of the two office buildings that are part of the complex has been turned into a salon of inspiration dedicated mainly to the employees of the complex, but not only.

"We are seeing growing attendance among employees at our complex. The Face2Face Business Campus community includes nearly 5,000 people representing a variety of industries, companies and interests. There is great potential in such a group, which has no chance to exist without face-to-face meetings. Therefore, together with Echo Investment, we have undertaken a pilot project to create a place for them to get to know each other better and exchange knowledge. The project reflects the vision of our investment company, which in addition to appreciation of the money entrusted to it by its investors, at the same time puts great emphasis on social and environmental impact of its projects," says Václav Kovář, a portfolio manager at INVESTIKA real estate fund.

An industrial atmosphere, a chillout zone with comfortable couches and a view of the green patio encourages people to use this place. A well-stocked “development library” awaits employees, with popular books on such topics as self-development, business, non-fiction, and biographies. The library also runs a bookcrossing campaign.

The heart of this space is a wall that has been transformed into a more than 6-meter-long relaxation coloring book. This is one of the largest coloring books of its kind in Silesia! Already on the day of the zone's opening, the coloring book was very popular, and on subsequent days employees are eager to see how this office mural develops.

"We started with the premise that a completely remote working model obliterates the bonds between employees, makes it difficult to network, integrate or conduct creative processes, which are part of almost every business process. New ideas, innovative solutions or exchange of knowledge comes mainly from direct relationships. Studies have repeatedly shown that people are more likely to return to offices where they have the opportunity, but more importantly, the right environment to undertake such interactions and collaborate with others. Direct interactions – these “face-to-face” meetings encourage people to get out of the house, and we have created such an opportunity within our zone. The "Face2Face Meeting Zone" is a space that supports the search for inspiration and encourages "creative collisions." The positive feedback we received when we opened the space was the first sign that giving employees a place common to the entire complex where they can feel at ease is important to them," Joanna Nicińska, regional director in Echo Investment's commercial projects department emphasizes. 

The zone will work great as an event space. In addition to the freedom to use the "Face2face Meeting Zone," the organizers also focused on creating an interesting series of events.

"The plan for the next three months includes a series of cultural, sports and creative events. Of course, we reserve seats mainly for employees of the complex, but as we are part of the city there will be open events to which we will invite the residents of Katowice via Echo Investment's social media. We are worth following," Joanna Nicińska adds.

On May 17, the Face2Face Business Campus invites you to the first of the open events, i.e. an author meeting with Janina Bąk as part of the launch of the book "Statystycznie rzecz biorąc 2. Czyli jak zmierzyć siłę tornada za pomocą gofra.” Janina Bak, known as Janina Daily, is a statistician, blogger and influencer. The book "Statystycznie rzecz biorąc 2 Czyli jak zmierzyć siłę tornada za pomocą gofra" is a sequel to the bestselling title that has won acclaim from readers across the country. In this new volume, Janina Bąk will take you on an even more exciting journey through the world of numbers and data, sharing fascinating stories and experiments.

The meeting with Janina will take place on May 17 at 5 p.m. in the Face2Face Meeting Zone at ul. Żelazna 2. Seating is limited, so be sure to register in advance: REGISTRATION LINK.

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