The first CitySpace in Lodz – flexible Fuzja
The first CitySpace in Lodz – flexible Fuzja

Fuzja is the first Lodz location of CitySpace, an operator of flexible office space. The concept, owned by Echo Investment, will occupy an office building on the site of the former Karol Scheibler plant, where the Fuzja mixed-use project is currently under construction. The location encompassing the entire office building on an exclusive basis is new to CitySpace. MIXD studio, known for its distinctive and innovative designs, is responsible for the interior design. The opening is scheduled for May 2023.

CitySpace offices currently form a network of 12 locations in Poland. Flexible office space provided by the operator is available in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Katowice, Gdansk, and soon in Lodz.

CitySpace Fuzja provides nearly 2,000 sqm of modern office space. A definite advantage of the new center is its independence. CitySpace, which is being built on the site of the former Karol Schiebler textile plant, is a unique concept in the operator's portfolio. One of the office buildings, part of the Lodz "destinations" developed by Echo Investment, will soon become a flagship center of flexible space.

The building from under the dash of the medusa group studio is distinguished by its architecture that takes into account historic walls. The office building fits into the revitalized post-industrial spaces, where you can find red brick, characteristic of Lodz, and the building's facade will be decorated with a historical wall referring to the past of the place.

- Łódź is an ambitious city, open to the new and encouraging investment in development. That's why we are all the more pleased that it is in the city of creativity that we will soon open the 13th CitySpace center. Together with the architects, designers and the team responsible for the commercialization of this space, we have been discussing the interior design for this location for the last few months. CitySpace Fuzja is the flagship development in our portfolio. Creating a coworking space in a unique environment like Fusion is a challenge, but we have the best specialists on board to create effective and impactful places to work - announces Lisa Zettlin, managing director of CitySpace.

From the beginning in the spirit of Lodzness and creativity

CitySpace's ambitious plans and thoroughly Lodz character are reflected in the interior design of the center, for which the experienced and award-winning MIXD studio is responsible.

Designers from the MIXD studio faced the challenge of designing the center, which is to function on 3. levels. There will be workstations ranging from large open spaces through comfortable private offices for 2 people, to diverse, fully equipped meeting rooms, quiet work areas, common spaces and relaxation zones integrating the community gathered in the center. CitySpace Fuzja will offer clients 301 workstations and 5 meeting rooms.

- Before we made the first dash for the CitySpace Fuzja project, we researched what kind of environment future customers of the center would come to work in. Łódź is a city of many contrasts, but above all a city with a rich history of entrepreneurship, and it is for the entrepreneurs of Łódź that we are creating this space. We knew that while designing the interiors we could not forget about the immediate neighborhood. The historic Power Plant, the buildings of the former Scheibler textile empire were a huge inspiration in this project. - says Piotr Kalinowski, CEO i Creative Director MIXD.

- We drew from the famous details of Lodz: stained glass, tiles, patterns, colors and materials. We created a modern space broken by characteristic accessories and industrial finishing elements - says Joanna Mazurek,  Associate Creative Direction MIXD.  

Office spaces in CitySpace Fuzja are meant to resemble homey, warm interiors with all the attributes of an ergonomic and safe place to work. There will be furniture by Polish designers, such as specially designed solutions for this center, such as bookcases separating chillout zones to improve user comfort. Warm shades of brown and beige, wood and fabrics will be broken by colorful additions in the form of glazing and stained glass. Great access to daylight and striking lighting will make the spaces even more special. The interiors will be decorated with handmade kilims by the Tartaruga studio of Lodz, referring to the textile tradition and artists of Lodz. The artistic flair and inspiration of the avant-garde are also evident in the graphics and illustrations by Polish artists that scroll across the floors.

CitySpace more than space

With a network of offices offering flexible space, CitySpace has a definite advantage over its competitors, giving companies the ability to provide individual workstations, small offices, and creative workspace for distributed project teams. It's a great solution for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as corporations and project teams. Nationwide, CitySpace offers more than 3,500 workstations, and with access to a mobile app, employees who are part of the CitySpace network can use any center without restrictions. 

- Research shows that while recent events have strongly reevaluated the labor market, many companies still can't imagine working completely remotely. Office space has taken on a new meaning, but it has not lost its value. We see this, among other things, thanks to the growing interest in our products. Flexible office spaces give companies more freedom, and allow employees to enjoy the highest standard of space. By investing in quality solutions and a standard of customer service, we become a support for companies in their daily operations. We are happy to be able to offer our solutions to companies in Lodz soon - invites Adrian Markuszewski, senior sales manager at CitySpace.

CitySpace Fuzja is scheduled to open in May 2023.

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