CitySpace wraps up 2022
CitySpace wraps up 2022

The opening of a twelfth location, expansion in Warsaw, a decision to enter a new regional market, raising standards of client service and bringing offices across the network up to the standard that supports ESG - these are the main activities around which CitySpace's efforts in 2022 were focused. The flexible office space operator, taking advantage of the growing interest in flex spaces, focused on strengthening its leading position in the segment.

CitySpace currently has 12 locations with a total area of 25,000 sqm, and is actively operating in 5 cities in Poland: Warsaw, Wrocław, Cracow, Katowice and Gdańsk.

New openings and standout locations in 2022

In September 2022, the network was enriched by CitySpace MidPoint. The flagship location offers nearly 400 workstations. The fruits of the operator's years of design experience are revealed as  multi-purpose spaces where a home-like character merges with modern accesories, including metal mirrors crafted by local artist Oskar Zięta. Spacious, inviting common space, comfortable and diversified conference rooms, spaces suitable for freelancers as well as larger companies - these are the main assets of the office, which with its atmosphere, interior quality and comfort effectively encourage people to work in the office. CitySpace MidPoint has attracted great interest from clients, and just 3 months after its launch, the center reached over 80% occupancy.

- Wrocław is our key location. The total area of our offices in Wrocław amounts to 10,000 sqm, of which 82 percent is leased. The CitySpace brand is an unquestionable leader in the region and a popular location for clients. In regional markets, clients' special attention is also attracted by the Face2Face center in Katowice, which reached 85% occupancy by the end of 2022. The needs of the capital's businesses are not forgotten either. Another 1,000 sqm in CitySpace Plac Unii is the result of unflagging interest in what CitySpace offers in Warsaw - underlines Lisa Zettlin, Managing Director at CitySpace.

More than locations

Among the novelties launched in 2022, it is Wrocław which stands out among other cities in the company's portfolio. It is here that CitySpace is successfully launching its "office management" service to more contractors.

- The office management service goes beyond our locations. It includes the outsourcing of office administration, handling front desk operations, correspondence and orders, and reaping the benefits of the scale of CitySpace's operations. Responsibility of running the client's office is placed in the hands of our specialists - comments Lisa Zettlin.

Client service with flying colours

In the past year, CitySpace decided to survey the satisfaction level among clients using centers all over the country. 226 clients participated in the Client Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Biostat Research and Development Center.

-The team of center managers and the client service department is what makes us different. In 2022, we expanded our team by 20 people. As evidenced by the last year's client satisfaction survey, it is our specialists' care, reliable, long-standing suppliers and the level of service that makes tenants stay with us longer and more willing to recommend our services - emphasizes Lisa Zettlin.

Service, which appears in the industry's name, is a core competency of offices such as CitySpace.  Companies, i.e., both decision-makers and employees, were asked to rate such categories of service offered by CitySpace as administrative and reception services, 24/7 access to technical service, support from IT specialists, and cooperation with the sales department (workplace solution advisory). According to the survey, clients are highly satisfied with the care that CitySpace offers. The level of service on a 10-degree scale reached a satisfactory result of 8.5.

- We never rest on our laurels. The survey confirmed that the attention we pay to building our client service team results in the satisfaction of our clients. We place our centers in key locations in Poland. We engage the best workplace professionals. However, serviced office spaces are first and foremost about the people who provide day-to-day support to companies in their daily operations. Our clients have confidence that by handing over office management to us, they can focus on the essence of their business. The client service team undertaking daily challenges builds the strength of our brand - comments Krzysztof Szargawiński, Regional Director Wroclaw at CitySpace.

Flexible, eco-friendly, cost-effective

The keynotes of 2022 in the real estate industry were ESG, flexibility and rising costs due to inflation. CitySpace were focused on adapting to the new situation facing the economic crisis.

-The challenges faced by business are also our challenges. We are modifying our portfolio, setting new goals and adapting our services to the needs of our clients.  I am convinced that serviced offices are a great alternative for companies looking for flexibility, a stable place to work. Many discussions in business are about changing costs of running offices, but ESG is an equally important issue. More and more, green solutions are a key motivator in choosing our center. And thanks to our location in Class A office buildings, whose developers have sustainable construction in mind, the quality and ecology is our standard - points out Lisa Zettlin.

CitySpace centers are located in top-class office buildings that are certified Excellent or Very Good by BREEAM. 75% of CitySpace locations rely on top-rated, eco-friendly office buildings provided by Echo Investment, as a member of the group of the biggest Polish developer.

With a network of offices offering flexible space, CitySpace has a distinct advantage over its competitors, giving companies the possibility to rent individual workstations, small private offices, and creative work spaces for distributed project teams. All over the country, CitySpace offers more than 3,500 workstations, and with access to a mobile app, employees who are in the CitySpace network can use any center without limitations.

- Our goal for 2023 is to bring even more flexibility to the CitySpace portfolio with the mobile app and CitySpace Club, we would like to take the flex-space motto to an even higher level - announces Lisa Zettlin.

A new market, a new city, a new independent center

The CitySpace network will expand into another regional market. The operator will launch its thirteenth center in Łódź, the capital of creativity. For the first time, CitySpace will occupy an independent building. CitySpace Fuzja is being built on the site of former textile mills belonging to the empire of Karol Scheibler. Serviced offices will be part of the city-creating "destinations" project being developed by Echo Investment in Łódź.

-  CitySpace Fuzja will be a jewel in the crown. We are creating an independent place, which further captures the spirit of our brand and responds to the ever-changing needs of our clients. The award-winning MIXD studio is responsible for the project's design. Łódź is a city of many contrasts, ambitious, ready for more. We have confidence in this market, which is why we will appear here in a big way - announces Lisa Zettlin.

The center will offer 301 workstations and five meeting rooms. It is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2023.


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