Current report no. 42/2022
Current report no. 42/2022

Information on apartments and service premises sales and hand overs

The Management Board of Echo Investment S.A. hereby reports information on number of apartments and service premises sold and handed over by Echo Investment Group.

Preliminary sales contracts concluded

- 324 contracts concluded in Q2 2022 (out of which 198 premises of Archicom S.A. Group), compared to 920 contracts concluded in Q2 2021.

- 1,027 contracts concluded in 2022 so far (out of which 532 premises of Archicom S.A. Group), compared to 1,719 contracts concluded in corresponding period of 2021.

Number of premises handed over to clients

- 356 premises handed over in Q2 2022 (out of which 100 premises of Archicom S.A. Group), compared to 549 premises handed over in Q1 2021.

- 756 apartments handed over in 2022 so far (out of which 382 premises of Archicom S.A. Group), compared to 875 apartments handed over in corresponding period of 2021.

The above data includes apartments and service premises sold and handed over to customers by Archicom S.A. group.

Apartment for rent segment results

- 593 apartments for rent in two projects started in H1 2022, compared to 731 apartments in two projects started in corresponding period of 2021,

- 149 apartments for rent in one project handed over to Resi4Rent group companies in H1 2021, compared to 672 apartments in two projects handed over in corresponding period of 2021.

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