Flavors of Asia in the Warsaw Brewery. Korean grill and sushi to be opened in a new block of streets in Wola
Flavors of Asia in the Warsaw Brewery. Korean grill and sushi to be opened in a new block of streets in Wola

Oriental flavors, unique grilled dishes or famous sashimi - soon the best dishes in Korean cuisine and world-class sushi will be served in the Warsaw Brewery, where Linh Nguyen will open a new restaurant.

Korean Grill & Sushi will be a unique place, as it will be the only one serving Korean delicacies and sushi in the Warsaw Brewery. The restaurant is owned by Linh Nguyen, a Vietnamese, who runs ten original restaurants in Warsaw. She is one of the best Vietnamese chefs in Poland. She has been enthusing Poles with her passion for Asian flavors for over 10 years.

- Cooking is my entire life. I am happy to bring Poles closer to my beloved dishes and flavors of Asia. In the new restaurant situated in the Warsaw Brewery we will serve dishes that are typical of Korea, and as the only one in the Meetings and Flavors District we will invite you for exquisite sushi. We will surely surprise our guests with culinary specialties unknown so far. I  took a chance on quite unusual combination of Korean cuisine and sushi. So far, sushi meant only the way of serving fish. In my restaurant we will show you how it really should look and taste," announces Linh Nguyen. And she adds: - Moreover, we will invite guests to try omakase, that like a tasting menu, depends on the chef's vision and their original ideas. Usually, omakase includes 25-30 items - mainly nigiri of different fishes and some warm mini dishes from rarely available fishes. After the omakase feast guests should feel happy.

Aromatic Korean cuisine

In Korean Grill & Sushi we will taste the best dishes typical for Korea. The restaurant's specialty will be dishes from the famous Korean grill.

- What distinguishes us from other restaurants is the fact that we are the only one in Poland to use a charcoal grill, as a result our dishes have a unique and incomparable flavor. We invite you especially to taste steaks and seafood, typically Korean dishes. Our meat is seasoned – two- or four-week and it is the best quality beef available in Poland - says Linh Nguyen.

- Poles love Asian cuisine and are big sushi fans, so we are convinced that Korean Grill & Sushi will be one of the most visited places in the Warsaw Brewery. I can't imagine a better ambassador of Asian flavors than Linh Nguyen. Ambitious, full of ideas, invigorating - this is Linh. Thus, dishes that she offers tempts with its aroma and unique taste. But the Linh’s proposal is definitely something more than great food. A visit in her restaurant is a meeting with art, culture and the Asian vibe. I can't wait - says Karolina Prędota Krystek, senior leasing manager at Echo Investment.

Only such sushi

Sushi served in the restaurant will be really unique. You will see and feel the influence of Korean cuisine in it. Korean Grill & Sushi will be featured by its sushi rice, that will not be sweet – in accordance with the Eastern tradition.

- Koreans eat mainly sashimi, so the quality of fished is the most important. In my new restaurant we will season fish meat, just like beef. This will give it a completely different taste. Only few restaurants in Poland serve sushi in this way, and certainly no sushi restaurant in Warsaw does, so I invite you all to the Warsaw Brewery - she adds.

Sushi will be served not with typical and well-known soya sauce, but with different kinds of original sauces, that will be based on brews of bones and a head of a given fish. There will be a bite of Korean cuisine, but you will be able to find also inspirations from other Asian countries.

The Asian decoration of the restaurant will be also very much related to Korea. The first guests will be invited to Korean Grill & Sushi in the first quarter of 2021.

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