Current report no. 28/2020
Current report no. 28/2020

Appointment of the Issuer’s Management Board for a new term of office

The Management Board of Echo Investment S.A. (Issuer, Company) informs that in view of the fact that the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of the Company approved the financial statements for 2019, i.e. the last year of the term of office of the Management Board, and its members’ mandates expired, on 13 August 2020 the Supervisory Board of Echo Investment S.A., acting pursuant to Article 368 § 4 of the Commercial Companies Code in connection with § 16 sec. 1 item a of the Company’s Statute, appointed the Management Board of Echo Investment S.A. for a joint term of office, composed of:

  1. Nicklas Lindberg – President of the Management Board;
  2. Maciej Drozd – Vice President of the Management Board
  3. Artur Langner – Vice President of the Management Board;
  4. Marcin Materny - Member of the Management Board;
  5. Rafał Mazurczak – Member of the Management Board;
  6. Waldemar Olbryk – Member of the Management Board;
  7. Małgorzata Turek – Member of the Management Board.

Neither of the appointed managing persons is entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained on the basis of the Act on the National Court Register.

Neither of the appointed managing persons conducts any activity competitive towards the Company or participates in a competitive company as a partner/shareholder of a civil partnership, personal company, corporation or a member of a governing body of any competitive legal entity.

Information about educational background, qualifications and positions held previously by the managing persons was provided in the following current reports: No. 16/2014 dated 30 May 2014; No. 25/2015 dated 17 July 2015; No. 9/2016 dated 18 April 2016; No. 29/2016 dated 15 September 2016; No. 41/2017 dated 10 October 2017; No. 6/2019 dated 7 March 2019 and is available on the Company’s website.

Legal basis: § 5 in connection with § 10 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance dated 29 March 2018 on current and periodical information provided by issuers of securities.

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