Echo Investment starts selling 149 apartments in a second residential building at Fuzja
Echo Investment starts selling 149 apartments  in a second residential building at Fuzja

The largest Polish developer has started selling apartments in the second building at Fuzja - a new fragment of Łódź located within the former Karol Scheibler’s textile empire. The project will combine various functions: apartments, offices, and services, as well as modern gastronomy, commercial and service offer, not to mention space for culture. There will also be urban squares and green recreational areas within the scheme.

We offer apartments in the second residential building, which will be ready by the end of next year. The first residents will be able to move in at the beginning of 2021- says Dawid Wrona, director of apartment sales at Echo Investment. - Fuzja is something more than a typical housing estate. It is a place that connects everyone through a friendly, open space where everyone will be able to live, work, and spend free time with loved ones. We want it to be a comfortable place to live. That’s is why we combine various functions here: apartments, offices, services - including shops and restaurants. We create city squares, alleys, and green areas. In apartments, buildings, and throughout Fuzja as a whole, we are introducing several amenities. For example, smart living solutions, electric chargers, and car-sharing services- adds Dawid Wrona.

Currently, Echo Investment is implementing the first stage, in which two residential buildings with 274 apartments are being built. Apartments with areas from 29 sqm up to 111 sqm can be combined into one, and the investor makes ready 227 underground parking spots and storage rooms for their owners. Thanks to the parking lot located on -1 level, the investment area will be more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. Service premises will also be found on the ground floors of 5-story residential buildings.

The project at Tymienieckiego street comprises of 20 buildings with various functions, of which as many as 14 are adapted historic buildings. A landmark building of a former power plant is the heart of this area. The historical tissue will be supplemented with modern architecture as well as urban infrastructure - squares, alleys, pavements, streets, and greenery. The investor has planned many amenities, including parking spaces for car-sharing, bicycle paths, bicycle service stations, parcel lockers, public electric chargers. In short, it will contain everything necessary to provide comfort and freedom to people staying here. 

The residents of Fuzja, thanks to the smart living solutions in the apartments, will be able to live more comfortably, for example, by efficiently managing their daily duties. All they have to do is to turn on their smartphone or computer, and then vacuum the floors, check the refrigerator stock, or make sure that they turned off the iron before leaving. 

Together with the completion of the first stage, a public square in front of the power plant will be opened. It will have convenient access from Tymienieckiego street, and its facade will be restored. In the next stages, office spaces and further residential buildings will be built, and the revitalized historic areas will be transformed into restaurants and shopping outlets. Thanks to this, this well-planned, unique investment at Tymienieckiego street 5/7 will become an attractive part of the city, both for its future residents and tourists.

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