Flavours from under the Eiffel Tower in Bielany
Flavours from under the Eiffel Tower in Bielany

A bakery and coffee shop of the well-known French bakery and coffee shop Vincent as well as a wine bar Boutique Koneser will appear on the list of tenants of Galeria Młociny being developed between the North Bridge Route and Zgrupowania AK "Kampinos" street. Currently, last finishing works are being carried out in the complex. The opening of the projct co-financed by EPP and Echo Investment is planned in the spring.

Truly French flavours

Vincent’s venues are one of the best bakeries, patisseries and cafes in Warsaw. Elegant and full of the unique atmosphere of French boulangeries places are known for the highest quality bread, for which bakers use imported flour from France and their own sourdough produced according to French recipes and other only natural ingredients associated with French patisseries. Vincent, that opened its first premise 11 years ago at Krakowskie Przedmiescie, is credited with launching the fashion for well quality, original breads in the capital city.

To this day, the specialty of the chain, which consists of 16 locations - twelve in Warsaw, three in Wroclaw and one in Konstancin-Jeziorna - are baguettes and breads baked in accordance with traditional French recipes. At Galeria Młociny, Vincent will occupy nearly 40 sqm and will be situated on the lowest level of the complex.

“Fans of French flavours will have reasons to be satisfied. Well-known and well-liked Vincent will be a tasty break while doing shopping. This spot, which can recreate the unpretentious atmosphere of French bakeries and cafes, will offer you not only fresh and crunchy bread, but also breakfast and freshly roasted coffee, and in the afternoon you can try a cheeseboard. Vincent which is opened in the morning will certainly attract people working in the office part of Galeria Młociny” says Marcin Kopczyk, Senior Leasing Manager at Shopping Centres Department at Echo Investment.

Behind this café-bakery success are also brioches, pain au chocolat, croissants and other sweet pastries. Vincent is also a place where you can drop by for a quick lunch or buy tasty, handmade sandwiches.

Galeria Młociny on the wine route

“The wine market in Poland is growing, and clients are more and more willingly to reach for bottles from higher shelves. Boutique Konesera will be a place where we will not only buy excellent wines from all over the world, but also you can learn something new about this noble drink, because the experienced staff will come to help you, for them wine is not only a job, but also a hobby” emphasises Marcin Kopczyk.

Boutique Koneser will be situated on the lowest floor of Galeria Młociny. The creator and owner of this 54 sqm store is Piotr Klimczyk, who is well-known because of his passion for wine culture After 30 years spent in France he decided to run a business on the Vistula River. Boutique Konesera is another venture of Klimczyk, after a store Vines de France known among Varsovians. The latest location in Galeria Młociny will offer over 1000 labels. In addition to wines, cognacs, champagnes and armagnacs - also from niche vineyards and distilleries - you can also buy whiskeys and bourbons from different parts of the world. On the shelves you will also find - glasses, openers, wooden boxes and gift sets. A really tasty complement to Boutique Koneser’s alcohol offer will be French sweets and cheeses.

– Galeria Młociny to wyjątkowa lokalizacja na mapie północnej Warszawy. Cieszymy się z dołączenia do grona jej najemców kolejnych lokali, w których mieszkańcy Warszawy i okolic będą mogli nie tylko nabyć wysokiej jakości produkty, ale też zjeść smaczny posiłek, czy porozmawiać o ulubionych trunkach – mówi Rafał Lisak, dyrektor Galerii Młociny z EPP, która docelowo będzie zarządzać kompleksem.

“We are open to wine lovers from the north of Warsaw. We would like to be a spot where you can not only get your favourite wine, but you can also talk about wine, learn something new. We will take care of the selection of labels, also from niche vineyards, we will systematically expand our wine cellar. What is more, we will offer professional assistance” says Piotr Klimczyk, the owner of Boutique Koneser.

Boutique Konesera will also be a meeting place, workshops and tastings. The owners highlight that they care about to be open for everyone who want to learn how to taste and choose wines to dishes, as well as distinguish wines from different strains and parts of the world.

“Galeria Młociny is a unique location on the map of northern Warsaw. We are happy to join the group of its tenants where residents of Warsaw and the surrounding area will not only be able to buy high quality products, but also have a delicious meal or talk about their favourite drinks” says Rafał Lisak, Director of Galeria Młociny from EPP, that ultimately will manage the complex.

New, mixed-use centre of Bielany

The place will combine 220 favourite stores and service outlets, comfortable offices, a medical centre, playgrounds, a fitness club, restaurants and cafes, a trampoline park and the first multiplex cinema in the district within a friendly and green area.

Galeria Młociny is distinguished by an innovative approach in the design of meeting places, entertainment and gastronomy. Its restaurant and entertainment space, which occupies the entire +2 floor and is connected with the green roof garden, has been divided into various functional zones. Architects from the renowned Broadway Malyan studio transferred the atmosphere of cosy cafes, street-food and eating out as well as outdoor dining among greenery to Warsaw’s Bielany district. This is the first concept of its kind in Poland.

Galeria Młociny is being developed right next to Młociny hub – one of the places with the best transport links in Warsaw, with direct access to the underground, numerous tram lines and bus routes, suburban and national buses, a bicycle station and a P&R car park. It is the most important transfer location for the northern part of the city and satellite towns and it is used by over 24 mln passengers every year.

Investors of Galeria Młociny are: EPP (70 pct shares) and Echo Investment (30 pct shares). The former company will manage the newly-opened complex. The latter one is fully responsible for the development and lease process.

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