Echo Investment opens Libero - the new destination for shopping, entertainment and meetings in Katowice
Echo Investment opens Libero - the new destination for shopping, entertainment and meetings in Katowice

Residents of Katowice and the Silesian conurbation have been already visiting the latest shopping and entertainment complex in Silesia. It is the 150th project built by a developer from Kielce - Echo Investment.

On November 15th, Echo Investment opened the door of the shopping and entertainment complex - Libero in Katowice to its guests. The building offers nearly 45,000 sqm of space where more than 150 stores, service outlets, restaurants and cafes and it is the 150th investment of Echo Investment. By completing Libero the number of square meters of retail, residential, office and hotel space delivered by Echo investment now exceeded 1.5 million sqm.

Libero is a project that will create a new shopping and entertainment destination in the south of Katowice, invite you to do shopping, meet each other and have fun. We estimate that will create around 1,500 new employment opportunities in the area. We have  invested over PLN 350 million in Libero, and at the same time we have made an effort to create a really friendly part of the city, including improvement of the road network to handle the traffic. Echo Investment believes in the potential of Katowice. That’s why we are also investing in another project in the city, the Face 2 Face office complex consisting of 47,000 sqm.” says Nicklas Lindberg, CEO of Echo Investment.

Libero is also a place where you can find several brands debuting in Silesia. This is, among others, the first store of eobuwie.pl in the region or the largest Terranova store in Poland with a completely new arrangement. When it comes to culinary art, Libero offers the first in Katowice Pizza Hut restaurant with a real oven to bake pizza, Papa Diego serving modern Mexican cuisine and the Food&Ball sports pub which is  endorsed and co-owned by Arkadiusz Milik. The ultramodern Helios cinema, having two prestigious Helios Dream screening rooms equipped with reclining leather armchairs, Dolby Atmos sound and 4K image, has already been providing a lot of entertainment to the guests.

We would like to Libero to be a lively and very popular meeting place, which is why nearly 20 percent of space is dedicated to restaurants, cafes and entertainment that is unique in other shopping destinations in the area. The entire second floor, with its gastronomic and entertainment offer and a lounge terrace, as well as the newest state of the cinema and a unique bowling and pizza experience will also be open on Sundays free of trade” said Marcin Materny, a board member of Echo Investment responsible for retail investments.

Attractive opening, and Weekend with the Stars later on

Libero has prepared a rich programme of attractions for the first guests in which there are, among others, culinary workshops, fashion metamorphoses, makeup artists and barbers’ advice, dance shows and trainings with instructors from the Fabryka Formy fitness centre, a meeting with the GKS Katowice footballers, and for children - creative workshops, games and various competitions. However, before the latest shopping and entertainment complex in Silesia opened its doors, a special zone with food trucks and coffee-bikes serving hot snacks and coffee had waited for waiting people in front of Libero. Punctually at 12 AM, a great lottery also started, in which there are over 3,000 prizes with a total value of over PLN 200,000, including main prizes: Hyundai Tucson and 3 gift cards of PLN 2,000 each.

This great, celebration of the opening will be crowned with Weekend with the Stars from November 30th to December 2nd. Then, in Libero, there will appear, among others Daria Ładocha, Maja Sablewska, Patrycja Kazadi and Jankes, who will be accompanied by celebrities from culinary and sports world (Katarzyna Bosacka, Julia Cymbaluk, Tomasz Zimoch, Krzysztof Ignaczak and a trainer Qczaj).

Echo Investment is the largest Polish developer, the only one on the market with extensive experience in three sectors of the real estate market: residential, retail and service as well as office one. As a company responsible for the development of cities, Echo is involved in large city-forming projects combining various functions. The company creates places where people can work, live, play and satisfy everyday needs. Its flagship project complementing the city's fibre is Browary Warszawskie, which is being built in the heart of the fastest growing district of Warsaw. The company is preparing further ‘destinaton’ projects in Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź and Wroclaw.

Since 1996 Echo Investment has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company has completed 150 projects with a total area of 1,500,000 sqm in several dozen cities and towns in Poland.

Since 2015 Echo Investment has been part of a dynamically developing capital group: PIMCO – Oaktree – Griffin Real Estate.

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