Face2Face Business Campus with a topping out for the second time

At the height of 55 meters above ul. Chorzowska a symbolic topping out was hung. This means that Echo Investment has completed work on the construction of the second stage of the Face2Face Business Campus project in Katowice. The building reached its target height. The investment will be completed in Q4 of 2020.

Echo Investment started construction of the Face2Face Business Campus office complex in May 2018. In January of this year, the developer completed the first, seven-storey office building with an area of nearly 21 thousand square meters. DAZN and Perform Content are among the first companies already at work at ul. Żelazna 4. Medicover Polska medical facility is also available for its clients.

— Just a few months after the first stage of the Face2Face project was completed, we are celebrating another milestone in the completion of the investment. On top of the second office building a symbolic topping out was hung, which means that we have finished work on its construction. We are in the process of carrying out works on the building’s facade. We have already completed 65% of the building’s facade. We are in the process of doing installation works inside the building and focus on the finishing. According to the schedule, this year we will hand over 26,000 sq.m of state-of-the-art office space to the Katowice office market. The occupancy permit is planned for November — says Paweł Szarpak, project manager in Echo Investment's offices department.

The second stage of the Face2Face Business Campus project has 15 storeys, resulting in a total height of 55 m. It guarantees an excellent view of Katowice from the top floors of the building. Grupa 5 Architekci is responsible for the architectural design. The building has been awarded the BREEAM certificate with an Excellent score already at the design stage.

The main distinguishing factor of the whole complex is the green, multifunctional patio between the buildings. In cooperation with the Małecki design office in Katowice, zones were created which will add energy to creative work or allow to focus on the details of the task at hand. A basketball court, a chillout area with deck chairs and benches, flower meadows — such ideas make Face2Face a friendly place to work, which is conducive to development and generation of ideas.

From the very beginning, Echo Investment's project in Katowice was very popular with tenants. A good completion pace goes hand in hand with the lease of space.

— Soon the second stage of Face2Face will open its door to the tenants who have placed their trust in the potential of this location. We have already successfully leased more than 80% of the building. The epidemiological hazard the world is facing forces us, co-creators of social spaces, to think about completely new dimensions of its functioning. We want the employees of our tenants to feel good and safe in our building. The feeling of comfort is a very individual feature, but as owners of office buildings we want to contribute to strengthening it. Therefore, after completion of the project, the “A for Safety” (orig. Piątka dla bezpieczeństwa) programme will be introduced in the building, which includes a number of rules and procedures concerning hygiene and safety standards — announces Joanna Nicińska, leasing manager in Echo Investment's offices department.

The “A for Safety” is a set of principles and actions focused on five areas: disinfection, protection, safe distance, information and communication, including recommendations on hygiene and safety standards. It includes such recommendations as disinfection of common areas every 30 minutes, gloves and face masks available at the front desk, the “clean in & clean out” rules for all building employees and service staff, recommendation of one-way traffic (persons entering the building go by elevator, persons leaving go by stairs), dedicated arrangement of furniture in common areas or transparent information about disinfection and cleaning in common areas — reports in a visible place. Such guidelines with the most important rules in force are handed to every manager of Echo Investment's office buildings.

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