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Historic buildings of the Warsaw Brewery to be revitalized

New buildings are only a part of a destination project - the Warsaw Brewery. Echo Investment pays special attention to revitalize four historic buildings located on this nearly 4.5-hectare area: the Malthouse, the Storage Cellar, the Schiele Villa and the Laboratory. These buildings will regain their former glory and get completely new purposes. Soon, the historic nineteenth-century Malthouse and the 170-year-old Storage Cellar will welcome residents, employees and guests of the Warsaw Brewery with original flavors and a great atmosphere.

A new life for the Malthouse

The heart of the former Warsaw Brewery was obviously the Malthouse . Currently, Echo Investment is carrying out revitalization works on this nineteenth-century brick building located at two city squares: the Malthouse Square and the Laboratory courtyard. Together with a unique body of the Malthouse Apartments, they will create a beautiful, almost iconic landscape - the old and the new icon of the Warsaw Brewery will be a landmark of this project. From the outside, a facade of the building is being renovated. Old bricks and cornices are being cleaned. Soon, windows will be also installed. What is more, black, steel frames and mullions will refer to historic glazings.

We are carrying out the most complicated works in the Malthouse, so we proceed with great caution. We are carefully cutting out old ceilings and making new ones. We are putting in structures of new elevator shafts and a staircase. We are also strengthening old pillars of the Malthouse. All these works are necessary to enter new purposes into this historic building. We will see all the results at the end of the year - adds Michał Gerwat.

A restaurant that will soon be opened here by partners of Robert Lewandowski, will offer over 1.3 thousand sqm. This new restaurant on the culinary map of Warsaw will invite guests for delicious breakfasts, business lunches and evening cheering.

The Storage Cellar under historical cradles

The Storage Cellar dates back to the 19th century. Historic cellars used to be beer warehouses. They were connected to the Malthouse building, and their layout proves that they were rebuilt many times. Fortunately, cradles and beautiful red ceramic brick from the famous Italian Brickyard have been preserved until today.

We have already broken through, i.e. we have made paths between cradles so that guests can walk freely between naves. We are installing underfloor service systems for eating places, that will be located in historic cellars. We are in the process of installing large, glass windows - says Michał Gerwat.

Four large cradles will attract guests with their eating places. There will be a mini-brewery and a pizza parlor of the Lviv Kumpel Group and Food Hall of the Warsaw Brewery. In this way, by recreating an atmosphere of the former brewery, this place will become a trend and inspiring spot.

The first results of works on this historic part of the Warsaw Brewery will be noticable at the end of 2020.

We invite you to watch the video from the historic parts of Warsaw Brewery:

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