West4 Business Hub

West4 Business Hub on  schedule

The construction of the first stage of West 4 Business Hub started in February 2019. The building will provide over 15.5 thousand sqm of office space. The five-level office building enters more and more clearly into the landscape of this part of Wrocław.

Passers-by can admire the white elevation that was designed by Pracownia Architektoniczna Maćków. The facade of the building is almost finished, 90% of the elevation has already been completed. Road works around the office building are being carried out, and fitting-out works are underway inside the building: a resin floor covering is being installed in the underground parking garage; staircases are being painted.

The developer is also preparing the space for the tenant. Partition walls have already been erected and a raised floor have been installed. Service systems are currently underway.

The office building is scheduled for commissioning in August this year.

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